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Why am I not losing the days when I'm at work?

S: 19st0lb C: 12st2.0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 6st12lb(36.09%)
I work 3 days a week (Wed, Thurs and Fri) in a VERY busy job. I get up at 5.30 and don't get home until 6ish. I work in a hectic A&E as a nurse and constantly on the go the whole time I'm there. My weigh in day is on a Monday (but I sneak a peak on the scales every morning) and I'd say that from about Tues to Sun I don't lose anything at all, I just stay the same. I'm pretty confident that I do drink enough. I always sneak a cup of water from the water machine plus I make sure I drink a litre before and at least a litre after. I also put much more water in my shakes than it tells you to. I know I should resist weighing myself every morning but I can't haha (I know most of us do this too) what do you think could be causing this? Any advice? I didn't go to get weighed last week as I was away on weigh day so the week before I got 2 weeks worth of shakes. But at my last weigh-in I was really disappointed at only losing 3 lbs. Would love to know what I'm doing wrong...please help, feeling a bit deflated xxxx
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3 - 4 lbs a week is quite normal please don't be disappointed, also week 3 seems to nearly always see smaller losses for some reason, from what you have said you aren't doing anything wrong, hang on in there x
Hey Twinklecheeks, I know it's tempting but weighing at home can be misleading-my scales told me I had put on 3lb one day last week but I lost 4lb at my weigh in!! Keep 100% and like Lilac says you will lose around a stone a month- you have lost more than that in the first 3 weeks!!!! Let us know how weigh in goes on Monday hun xx I will be watching out for your post, take care xx
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Hi twinkle, dont be disheartened 3lbs is a good loss, i have only lost that this week but i am pleased its 3 lb off and not 3 lb on like it would have been without this diet. Keep going and you will get your results :) x


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Just posted this elsewhere hun....

Re exercise/being more active...

This has been discussed a couple of time so i emailed LT and they said that if you are exercising and your loss slows thats because you are not drinking enough!!! If your exercising you have to up your water to compensate for the exercise!!! Interesting ey???

Its because you will become dehydrated and hold your water and thats why a lot of people lose less when they are exercising a lot!!! SO just keep hydrated sweetie....

I bet your dehydrated because your busy.... get them water levels right up!!!! x
S: 19st0lb C: 12st2.0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 6st12lb(36.09%)
Thank you so much guys. I really find it difficult to drink so much water. Feel so bloated with it all the time. Also when I'm at work I need a wee constantly and it's not the kinda job where I can just nip to the loo at the drop of a hat. Hmmmm very tricky. How can I make myself drink enough? Feel like I'm drowning in water! Xxxx

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