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Why am I so hungry today?

Normally I think about food but it's all my head not my tummy.

Today, I have just been ravenous all day

I've been trying to keep myself busy sorting everything out for my daughters first birthday on Wednesday but my tummy is growling.

I reckon the bars are keeping me out of ketosis, gaaah they are my fave bit!
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Guess who's back...?
Hi Lisaberry -

Are you just having one bar a day? If so, you MUST be in ketosis. Also - looking at your losses, it looks like you are in ketosis.

I had this on LL (hate to keep bringing LL up, but until I start Exante on Thursday, it's my only knowledge of VLCDs)... it's something LL called psychological hungers. Basically cravings gone mad. You can do an experiment where you describe in detail a certain food, and you get physical symptoms (tummy rumbling, salivating etc) just talking about it - even though you are not hungry at all. Try and look at what you are doing when you get these bouts of 'hunger', are you bored, emotional, happy etc etc.

Just tell yourself your body is trying to trip you up and have a bloody big glass of water ;)

Got to say, you are doing brilliantly - are you on Exante or Lipotrim? Good luck with your last couple of goals!! :D



Guess who's back...?
P.S. If you really aren't sure, get down to the pharmacy and buy some ketone testing pee sticks, then you can find out for sure if you are in ketosis or not.

P.P.S. Weirdly, thinking back and looking at my old LL books, it was week seven that everyone in my group really struggled with. Dunno why!
Hi, thanks for the advice. Yeah I am on Exante after switching from Lipotrim- should really sort out my sig.

Ketosis strips have been all over the place so I've kind of given up on them.
It's weird, I've been on such a high the last couple of days and I seem to have come down with an almighty crash.
Think I just need to get through the next couple of days and I'll be ok.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
The bars should not be knocking you out of ketosis, if you are limiting to one a day.

One thing to bear in mind, and it might seem minor or silly, but I still struggle with hunger pangs the week before and the week during my female time of the months. (sorry boys). As of course the body is going through different processes and requiring more resources. Not sure this is your case, but might be worth considering, may put your mind at rest.

hang in there and resort to fingernail chewing and a couple of early nights, take it days by day, meal by meal, you only have to strive it our until your next shake... breaking it down into that, rather than thinking bugger another week of this!!!! .. was my lifeline.

you are doing so well
Thanks! I often wonder about 'star weeks' (slimming worlds polite name for them) as due to my baby stopper of choice I don't get them. Yesterday, I started feeling REALLY low an tearful as well as being ready to scoff anything so perhaps some kind of cycle is still affecting me??

I've got to do lots of cake baking tonight in preparation for the party tomorrow, thank goodness mum will be there with me!

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
heheh I think I shall call them star weeks from now on!

Could fit in nicely when I have a diva like attitude and all tearful.. ''Don't speak to me.. I am being a STAR!''

I know for me personally, and I believe some other ladies, our weeks of being a star where all affected a little, despite the differing 'managers' (see star- managers), whether that being it was being fashionably late, staying for a second helping etc. So it might be the reason you are having a hunger pang week.
I really do have to go to bed early some nights.

Have fun baking today! Try to enjoy it, just think how proud you will be as you look at all the prepared cakes/food, and knowing you made them for someone else to enjoy, without you giving in.

I still celebrate every time I bake and don't have the urge to lick the icing off my fingers! Every time you say no is an achievement, even if at the time you think you are being weak craving, the fact you don't give in is a testament to you.


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