Why Am I So Tired

Morning fellow dieters,
These last few days i just feel tired all the time,
getting out of bed in the morning is a chore, i just feel i could sleep 24/7.Haven't altered anything i have been doing, saying that only been back on SS a short time, could it be that?
Thanks HH.
Hi When I did Cd I felt so drained I couldnt push the push chair with my baby up the road but realised when I drank more water I felt sooo much better?Or you could be coming down with something?
Hope you feel better soon xxc
I'd agree. Don't attach too much importance to this, unless you've been on SS for at least 2 weeks and are drinking at least 4 litres of water a day. ( I found this was the minimum I could "feel OK" on when I started the diet.)
Yes it's only coming on for 2 weeks now, i drink about 3 litres of water a day and maybe 4 cups of black coffee, i have never been a big drinker anyways.
HH it will get better and you'll soon be feeling on top of the world - when i first started LL i felt terrible for 2 weeks then i had the greatest feeling of wellbeing i'd ever experienced.

Stick with it matey!
Thanks Karen, will do,
i have the bit between my teeth this time, i really want to be slim by christmas, it's cost a small fortune on clothes already but it's worth it just being able to fit into more regular sized clothes and reading all the other members stories on here is a real inspiration too.
Cheers HH.