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Why are CD bars so much nicer than LL bars?

Hi All,
Inspired by another thread this one. Does anyone out there (maybe CDCs especially) know why the CD bars are so much nicer than the LL ones- I don't think its just me that thinks this, as most people who have done both LL and CD seem to share the opinion. Or is there anyone out there who thinks the opposite??

I am especially puzzled because I thought that the same company made both products. Obviously they want to make them as different as they can to emphasise that it is not the same diet, but why can CD use real chocolate in theirs while the LL bars are so artificial. And CD bars really taste of what they say they will (toffee does taste of toffee) whereas LL bars have a very vague sort of flavour to them.

Don't get me worng, when I was doing LL I loved the bars- but then I didn't have anything to compare them to!

Anyone out there solve the mystery?
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Remember that part of the ethos of Lighterlife is stepping away from food while you come to terms with your weight problems, Cambridge ethos is about losing weight quickly and safely. Therefore on Cambridge you can have chocolate bars and lose weight whereas Lighterlife might argue that having chocolate could keep the food problems going. For me when I moved over from Lighterlife it was like the best surprise of my life when I tasted a malt toffee bar!!!

(This is my own take on it and not those of anything official!)

A lot of folks have complained about the Lighter Life products tasting awful so I never even contemplated it!

I went straight onto Cambridge on 25th July and have not looked back.

I'm "the strange one" who loved the LL nut bars! I use to dunk them in my soup.

I love the CD bars though, but would like a non choc coated bar ... a flapjack type one would be really nice.


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I'm "the strange one" who loved the LL nut bars! I use to dunk them in my soup.

I love the CD bars though, but would like a non choc coated bar ... a flapjack type one would be really nice.
I'm with you on the flapjack idea Bev....:D:D:D


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As Mike says - LL is more about abstinence and removing addictions to trigger foods (as the programme is accompanied by counselling the focus is a bit different to CD - but the goal is the same!) - LL are introducing a couple of new bars which are apparently 'yum' - there are due out shortly - probably in time for all the influx of January 2008 joiners, I guess.

LL have been changing their supplier for some of the foodpacks step by step this year as I believe they didn't like being reliant on one supplier.
Regarding the bars does anyone know why we can't have more than two a day (apart it making you need the loo)....i am on LL and i am a crazy one who lights the nut bars and it would really be a great help if i could have two a day.....so if anyone knows if this is possible please let me know and I will have to convince my counsellor.

isnt it strange how we are all so different. I hated the CD bars they made me gag, but i like the LL lemon and the nut bars
I'm with you. I started on LL and have moved to CD after moving house and not having a LL meeting close by. I really miss the LL lemon and nut bars. Think that they are by far the best of all!
Yes - personal taste is a starnge thing. I bought some CD bars from someone on another forum who was moving to healthy eating because I wanted to find out what everyone was raving about. My first taste was Malt Toffee and it made me gag. I had to throw it away. The other one I got was chocolate, which was nicer but caused a binge reflex unfortunately - I had 2 of the bars and then a whole lot of other stuff!

So - on balance (and for me personally) - LL works better for me. I love the nut crunch bars and can cope with lemon and toffee - without feeling the need to eat more than one.

I'm pleased I tried CD bars because I was wondering if swapping would be worthwhile but I'm happy to stick with LL.

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