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Why are peanut and Cranberry/Raspberry bars restricted again?


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Maggie did say to me that she had a "shipment" coming in on Friday - I wasn't able to get the St. Clements flavouring to make that tea we tried on Thursday - fingers crossed all will be well when we go on Thursday.

That said I've kinda enjoyed a change in flavours this week, but can't wait to get my hands on those longer and thicker bars!!
They're freely available at my class, hopefully that will be the same nationwide asap!


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It is pretty annoying when things aren't available, with the money we pay and stuff. But I hear it's not the fault of the LLCs but LL itself

Deb G

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I think demand keeps outstripping production! My LLC rationed hers during the bleak period over the winter, so we never went without, even though we couldn't always have what we wanted!

Try freezing the toffee ones and sucking on them, or cooking the lemon ones into crunchy lemon biscuits.....heaven!


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Thanks for the ideas - I actually plumbed to have 2 lemon and 1 toffee in lieu of the ones I wanted.

I have always quite strangely liked the lemon one (I am not a big lemon fan except when squeezed onto tandoori chicken!), but now I find that it tastes so full of chemicals with a nasty bitter after taste that I am having trouble eating it!

I think Ill see if the biscuit recipe makes it palatable!



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Well the biscuit recipe does seem to make them taste OK - perhaps it is just the texture as there is atill a bit of after taste.

Amazing how the swell up!
Yep I'm another one who likes them when they are just overdone - lovely like that.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always liked burnt food. burnt BBQ chicken, burnt toast, burnt cookies.....weird.

My gran ALWAYS burnt our toast. Till it was BLACK. She told me by eating it I would get curly hair. So I did. And I have always made my toast nearly black. And I am still waiting for that first sign of curly hair. :D

Deb G

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Oh, just eaten an overdone one - it tastes much better slightly brown - very much like a ginger biscuit!
Yeah - I like them when they're just started to turn brown - then leave them to cool - lovely and crispy and crunchy!!!!:D
LOL all this talk of the biscuits - think I'll be making them tonight now!

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