Why are the scales not moving???

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  1. need-to-lose

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    i had my first weigh in on thursday and i lost 8lbs, but since then i have not lost any more my scales are saying i am still 12.10. Why is that i have cheated once where i had 2 bites of chicken surly that should not effect my weight this much.

    i fee so down i thought i will be losing more by now i was happy with my first wiigh in but i wish i could have lost more as there are alot of ppl on here losing 10lbs in there first weigh in.

    I keep thinking this diet will not work for me i will never lose this dam weight and i will be fat forever.

    i have other than the 1 blipp stuck to the diet and been drinking water 3lts minimum i feel so upset and losing the will to carry on with this diet.

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  3. DQ

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    Hi Ali

    You need to stay off the scales if they are affecting you this way. Your body is in a period of adjustment, so you may well find that you lose well this week at your official weigh in. If you are sticking to the plan, drinking your water, the weight WILL come off.
  4. tootsie

    tootsie Silver Member

    Hi There honey,

    Please don't be too disheartened!! I had a similar thing after my first stop in, had lost 6llbs and went to my first weigh in thinking I had only lost the 6 (by my scales) but I had actually lost another 3.5.

    this diet will work, it's scientifically proven that we WILL lose weight, you can't not!!

    try upping your water, the more you drink babe, the more you will lose.

    Don't be too hard on yourself and don't be too down. You would be dancing for joy if you has lost 8llbs in a week on any other diet!!

    Big, massive, huge hugs, you will be fine xxx
  5. Kate

    Kate CDC/PT/PITA

    Your weight can fluctuate due to any number of different factors - how much water you have drunk (a litre weighs 2lb), TOTM, whether you're retaining water for any reason, the time of day, how much activity you have done.

    All I can advise is that you stop weighing yourself, and wait for the weigh in with your counsellor. The other day I actually put on six pounds overnight due to TOTM. I know it's disheartening, but if you're following a VLCD you can't fail to lose weight - it's really not possible - so chin up! :)
  6. Happe

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    Hi Alli, i sympathise. Im used to loosing huge amounts on my first week of whatever diet i start but this time it just hasnt happened like that. To do this mad, wonderful plan you have to believe in it and i can only assure you that the lbs will fall, they have to its all in the science. Some weeks our bodies hold more water so we will weigh more sometimes people lose a big chunk then nothing for a week then a big chunk again. We all have our own patterns of loss. Please keep going, the scales will move again honest.
  7. need-to-lose

    need-to-lose Full Member

    hello guys,

    thanks alot for your replies, if i am having water retention problem do u think i should take sum water tabs??? sumthing like adios i dont know if there are safe or not>

  8. snowyj

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    I wouldn't take water retention tablets...if you stick to the diet you WILL lose weight, you can't not. Don't be disheartened...in no time at all your clothes will be falling off you.
  9. boofaloo

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    Best way to deal with water retention is to drink more water. Your body will adjust by itself and you will soon find the weight comes off.
    I personally wouldnt take anything - let your body work it out itself.
  10. RacieTracie

    RacieTracie Full Member

    Hi Ali,

    I know exactly how you feel.

    I tend to only lose lbs for two weeks out of a month, due to water retention.

    Ive tried this diet 3, maybe 4 times (inc this time) and I've given up every time because the scales arent moving!

    Decided this time, to just stick with it, and ignore the scales because if Im sticking to it 100% how can it not be working.

    Let's stick to it together, it is very very disheartening when the scales dont move - Ive weighed one day and the next day ive been 10lbs heavier!!!

    Good luck with it!!!
  11. Pelepeg

    Pelepeg Full Member


    Do you want me to get cross with you my dear?

    See - it's not just me that has said DON'T WEIGH YOURSELF SO OFTEN!!!!!:) And that it could be water retention or any other number of things but that THE DIET WILL WORK if you give it a chance.

    You've got so many people to support you and you know that you'll only feel worse if you give up, so come on, stick with us and let the diet work its magic! :D

    Oh, and another thing. On LighterLife we were always told: "The more you drink the more you shrink". IT certainly worked for me - I was onr of the bigger water drinkers in our group and I tended to lose the most each week. Perhaps you could try upping your water intake from 3 litres up to 4 or 5 and see if that helps?

    Keep on glugging girl - you know it makes sense. :eek:

    Pele. xx :cool:
  12. need-to-lose

    need-to-lose Full Member

    hello and thanks alot for all ur replies, i have had 5lts of water today so i am hoping that is going to help, i still feel cr**p, feel down, depressed and god knows wat else.

    I just feel like i will not lose this weight i will be fat forever. I think i am starving myself putting myself thro all this wat if i dont lose anything.

    i think iam confused. i am thinking negative dunno wat to think i can not even think, ok i am gona stop woffling on

    PS i did not cheat i am still sticking to the diet
  13. Curvalicious

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    Please stop weighing yourself and im sure you'll be surprised at your official weigh in.
  14. justthe2ofus

    justthe2ofus Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    Hello there,
    I really feel for you and I must admit that I have given up on CD 3 times because of the small weight loss BUT this time I have stuck to it and drunk 4 ltrs right from the start and this time its working, just believe in yourself and know that you will lose the weight wether it comes off slowly to start with or fast the loss will calm down to a steady loss until you reach goal.
    There is always someone on hand to chat to on here if you feel a little down or just need some advice
    Keep smiling and this time in the summer you will be looking at a slimmer healthier new you.
    All the best
  15. julesrush

    julesrush Norwich CDC

    First thing is to step away from the scales and try to weigh yourself once a week, some people will nearly get to weigh in day and look like they arent going to lose a pound and then all of a sudden 3-4 pounds drop off for weigh in day. Water retention is a problem espiecially with women and if it doesnt come off this week it will next week

    Also make sure you are having all the packs you should be on during the day, my twin got desperate to see scales moving and dropped a pack each day to have the opposite effect of the body thinking its in starvation mode and hanging onto everything she eat and she actually stayed the same, once she upped her water and took all three packs she had a good steady loss.

    Dont feel down, weight loss is a journey, think to yourself how long did it take you to get to the weight you are now and then think logically that it isnt going to drop off over night.

    Slow and steady gets you to goal, and you have already started off brilliantly.

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