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Why are WEEKENDS so hard to stay on track ?

Oh the weekends absolutely kill me!! I find them so difficult!

Like you, Im fine during the week because Im at work and have set break times and am too occupied to think about food but the weekends I find I really struggle - the fridge calls me!!

I try to save as many points as possible during the week for this but find I do sometimes go over at the weekend and end up having to pay back..

I found saving 4 a day during the week when I was on 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22 points but now that Im on 20 a day I find living on 16 a day during the week really hard and seldom get to save the full 4. AAARRGGHH

Glad Im not the only one though!!
I'm not sure about this one. I find the weekends hard in the sense that we usually have takeaway, so I find it hard (or impossible? lol) not to indulge in one...but, I am a full time mum and home all week on my own with bubs, so I actually find it harder during the week I think. When OH is here at the weekends I'm too embarrassed to stuff my face all day, but when I'm home alone, it's all I usually do!
i find weekends really hard,if im gonna fall off the wagon its always weekends.Its when theres last minute barbies etc and if i have a few drinks i never seem to have enough points lolx
weekends im fine its the week when im naughty, i just get cravings and snack
at weekend i can exercise and eat healthy and plan food


Going From Flab to FAB!
I hate the weekends cos my B>F is home and he eats like a horse and is as thin as a rake! grrrrrrrrr

I find it really hard to stick to plan because he is always eating and snacking ! .. Oh well ill be sitting on my hands i think!
So long as I stay away from alcohol Im not too bad. If I drink at all I have a devil on either shoulder.....my angel is generally tied up somewhere!!
I find weekends awful. With two young children (5 and 18 months) I feel like I am constantly cooking for them and they are constantly eating. When I give my children their lunch/tea anything that isn't eatten goes straight in the bin to stop me from wanting to pick.:whistle:

If it is too bad I just have a glass of water or a coffee (which I am allowed on SF). I know I am more lucky than most as I do get to eat one meal a day but weekends are a killer.

Good luck everyone.


Going From Flab to FAB!
I think im going to have to take myself and my kids and dog out for a walk in a bit or else i think i may end up eating the contents of the naughty cupboard! ..
OH is out helping his mate so were in the house! ..... Im thinking stew for tea so may prepare that and then take them out for a stank across the forest! ... if it doesnt rain! lol

Hows everyone else finding things so far this morning!

Jools i know what you mean about food always being on the go! My kids are 14 10 and almost 3 .... and one of them is always hungry! so theres always toast biccies etc on the go ggrrrrr


Going From Flab to FAB!
Morning all! .. hows everyone coping so far? well um i was doing ok untuil last night night when i had 8 strips of choc 4 marshmallows and a bowl of ice cream and some popcorn!......:cry:Looks bad now ive put it all down on here! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

Im wondering if i can pull it back by tuesday! i did have 9 points to play with so that would have covered some of it! ...
Stew for tea tonight .. just had cereal and will have soup for lunch! ....
and try to cut out the snacks for today!

Hope youve all been fairing better than me!

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