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Why are YOU here?


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I am sure this has been done before but I always like to know what motivated people to make the change and lose the weight - so hopefully you won't mind telling me again ;)

My weight loss journey started on a plane back from Italy with my best friend. We had been for a lovely week long holiday on the Amalfi Coast ... which was all ruined by the plane journey home!

I had booked extra legroom seats as my best friend is quite tall and he finds it uncomfortable sitting in the standard seats on a plane, when we boarded the plane we were next to the exit - which I had no problem with until I couldn't fit into the seatbelt. I was used to asking for an extender as I had been large for some time but this time I received a huge shock when I was told (VERY loudly) that I would have to move as I was not allowed to sit in that seat with an extender. The exit door was only allowed to have people next to it that could fit in a standard seat as I would block the exit (How the f*** would I have got off the plane in an emergency if I didn't fit through the emergency doors - that doesn't bear thinking about?!?) I was mortified and the situation got worse by being told that some other couple had been 'kind' enough to offer to move into our seats and we should swap with them now.

I cried the entire flight home and wrote a stinking complaint letter to the airline but only received responses saying that it was their policy. I received no refund for the extra money I paid for those seats or anything!! (I am still mad about that now)

So, that was when the trigger flicked in my head and I made the decision to lose the weight.

I lost a lot of weight quickly on a VLCD and then decided I needed some subsitance again and went onto WWs I lost a further couple of stone with them very slowly and got back to a point where old habits were creeping back in if i'm being honest with myself. Fortunately the exercise that I was doing was counteracting it and I thankfully didn't put on much weight (about 5lbs)

I was booted back up the arse and motivated a second time to comit 100% when I went on a blind date just before easter. I had been totally honest with this guy and told him that I was still fat and that I had a long way to go, he had seen pictures of me and assured me that he thought I was attractive and was more worried about what I thought of him! We agreed to meet in Bluewater and go for coffee, I met him in the car park and we went through and got a coffee shortly after we sat down he said he received a phone call and had to take it as it was work - then walked out of the coffee shop never to be seen again :wave_cry:

Pretty damn humiliating and left me feeling VERY unattractive, fat and get generally sh*t about myself ... so I decided to get back on the wagon and here I am.

I've ranted on a bit ....

Sorry :D
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my tale pretty much started 2 years ago and someone asked if i was pregnant almost a year after the birth of daughter, and the scales did the rest of the motivation i needed



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Well my experience is quite different. I suffer with brittle asthma, the most fatal of all asthmas. Due to this whenever i get a cough or cold where normal people will just have a lemsip i have to go on steroids. These make me gain weight no matter what i eat. I had gained almost 3 stone in little under a year (after loosing the baby weight) so spoke to a dietician who recommended it to me but for 1wk only. I lost half a stone that week and felt happier that i had in a long time. She then told me it carried too many health risks and they dont recommend it for any longer than a 1wk period so i done my own research. She said that lots of people do it but as its not a healthy eating and exercise they werent allowed. I found lots of people it had worked for and sopke to dr's at hospital (im a paramedic) who told me of the benefits so i decided to do it again with the help from my new buddies on here. So far ive lost a stone and then stalled for just over a week but have started loosing again and feel fantastic. My clothes are all to big but im not ready to go shopping yet as i know more is going to come off so then i can buy a whole new wardrobe then. And believe me i cant wait!

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Well mine started about two and half years ago when i couldnt stand to look in the mirror anymore. i couldnt fit in anything even my size 20 trousers were tight so my mum said lets joined ww and it just began there.I had two small babies so dieting wasn't easy, but i lost about 19 pounds but then split from hubbie so up and down. Then started again and done various diets such as liptrim, ww, slimming world since then and lost three and half stone.
so at a smaller size of 12 stone 12lb i am still not happy with the flabby bits and my mum's friend said why dont you try this and i just recently found out im caeliac, which is gluten and wheat free, so this was the perfect solution really.
I've lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks and i get weighed in the morning after another week, but not sure this week, but hopefully will be good news.


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interesting stories everyon!! lyssa great thread,

i dont really have a story, i was overweight by the age of 18, this was when i met my OH, we were getting married and i wanted to be slimmer, this was the start of it all, i lost 4 stone (eating nothing but toast??????
i got pregnant, and put 5 stone on.....
lost 2-3 got pregnant,

my youngest is now 8 and im the biggest i have been, ive been looking into surgery and although i would have it done tomorrow i feel it is the very last resort, i hadnt tried atkins so looked it up, reserached it and have been here for a week, lost 6lb and feeling brill, no cravings, feeling hungry like other diets...

in fact im feeling fab....so this is me :D


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Simples, Im 40 in Feb 2011 and I want to be the fittest Ive ever been.
Im pretty confident I will do it....with you all to support me and vice versa xx

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