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Why are you on Juddd?

S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Just thought with so many of us now starting juddd and I think everybody has switched from other plans, I'd start a thread for our reasons of starting juddd.

Well I was on slimfast and had hit a plateau at exactly the same weight I hit a plateau with when I did slimfast a few years ago (where I gave up :cry:). I was stuck at 12stone for weeks and was getting rather fed up, the harder I tried it didn't seemt o pay off. Which would just make me more fed up and less eager to keep trying, so I'd eat then feel even worse. I did manage to break through and lose 1 pound (the only pound I lost last month), but was still having problems shifting it.

I was thinking about trying calorie cycling, not so undifferent from this plan but less extreme lol. But then I stumbled across Channy's first post on this board about her first day on juddd. Thank you Channy :thankyou: Wow, it was as if a light switch went on, seemed so right for me, and the more I read about it the more I wanted to give it a go.

I was planning at first to just do it for a couple of weeks to get my metabolism going again and then go back to slimfast. But tbh after a great first week and now into my second, I feel this is a plan I can stick to right to my goal and beyond into maintenance. I was orginally planning on going onto calorie counting when I was near my goal and into maintanence, but juddd has a great maintanence plan so I should imagine I'll be staying here :D
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Well I happened upon Judd by pure accident! just surfing on here and looking for diets and started reading Channy's postings. I have done every diet known to man! WW, RC, CD and GI were my most successful diets. WW the most but I dunno about anybody else but once I have done a diet I cant seem to go back to it successfully.

Lets hope that this time this is gonna be the one. I think truthfully any diet works as long as you stick to it but some diets suit others more than some.
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Hi For me all diets don't work whether I stick to them or not and tbh I'm worried that this one doesn't work for me either, cos it seems really good and doable!
I always managed my weight by dieting when I was younger but when I reached 30, diets stopped working for me and the weight piled on.

These are the diets that I have stuck to.
Weight Watchers - lost 8lb then nothing for weeks so gave up
Scottish Slimmers - 1/2lb! got shouted at by cousellor and left.
Orlistat pills - 8lb then nothing for about 6 months.
Atkins - lost about 3 stone in 4 months and got to one stone off target but it just stopped working. Even now if I do it, I can lose an initial 1/2 stone and then nothing. I did that for years but eventually as not losing put all weight back on plus more.
F2 - didn't lose one pound and did it for about 3 months.
Slimming World - my favourite. did this last year and lost 1 stone and 1/2 then nothing for about 6 months - managed to maintain that but still stones to lose. Started a new job with loads of food and put that back on.
Cambridge Diet - was working - I just couldn't stick to it. I did for 6 weeks but got terrible depression. Came off it all summer as couldn't get my head round getting back on it. Did it last week but by the end of week although I'd lost 6lb my mood had plummeted and I know I can't do it.

So you see, this is about my last chance. I've also looked at Diet chef which seems great but I think this has more chance of working. So far on day 4 I've gained 2lb! but I'll give it a go for a few weeks to see if things stabilise and I start to lose. I'm finding it easy and enjoyable. Surprisingly, I'm not overeating on uds either.
I'm a total diet tart so have done em all. Start off well and then go downhill!

The best weight loss I ever had was by not dieting (!) I got to where I wasn't bothered about food and lost 3 stone. Found it again though sadly.

I think JUDDDD is the nearest I can get to that mindset again. I had success with it before but nobody on here was doing it at that time and I fell off the wagon after finding DDs too hard to stick to.

I'm feeling more optimistic about it this time around :)

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