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Why aren't there more LL flavours?

My LLC said it was because our focus is supposed to be off food and if there was lots of flavours we would all get caught up with what flavours we were having. Dunno whether that's actually true though ! :)
yeah, mine said that too. The food is deliberately unexciting so we don't experience the 'mood' rush that is familiar to us with normal food.

I think there is some truth in it, as sometimes when I eat a bar, its a bit too much like food and I just want to eat afterwards....

A little more variety would be great though as far as I am concerned, and i said so too! LL phoned me a few weeks ago for a survey, and the last question was 'anything that could improve it?' needless to say I said a few more flavours please!

I don't expect any will come out just cos I asked though lol!

My LLC said it was because our focus is supposed to be off food and if there was lots of flavours we would all get caught up with what flavours we were having. Dunno whether that's actually true though ! :)
I would agree with that, I felt that myself too. I was thinking about possibly changing over to cd, but think the flavours would get me focusing on flavours too much ....the reason for doing this diet is to take food and loads of flavours out of the situation.


Serial Foodie!
im on CD so have lots of flavours to choose from.

the truth is, for me, i tend to only have 5 different flavours a week but its nice that i can swap to a different choice entirely if i am getting a bit sick of one flavour. i used to have chilli and mushroom as my only soups then the next craze for me was swapping over to broc & cheese and chicken and mushroom. was still only having 2 kinds of soup a week.

with these diets, i think over time the tastebuds change so its good that even if i only order 5 different flavours a week..on other weeks i can have 5 different packs of different flavours.

i keep myself restricted with flavours week to week but i couldnt do the diet if i didnt have the option to swap to a different restricted variety. hope this makes sense lol
LL diet flavours

Hi Sonkie

On LL, you have chicken, Thai chili, vegetable, mushroom soups. Chocolate, vanilla, raspberry and caramel shakes. And a few bars - toffee, lemon, nut and fruit. Don't get to excited though - from my group's feedback people tend to only like certain ones. I was really disappointed in the nut bar - was expecting something like a muesli and it's very dry. But something you can chew if you need to without zapping away all those yummy nutrients.

You're limited to a bar a day though - presumable again to keep you off the food concept.



Nomad staying slim
Hi guys - just to add to this, I heard too from LL that the lack of flavours is to take away the "yummy food" concept - we are spposed to see this more as medicine with everything we need nutritionally to keep healthy rather than food.

As I've been doing this a while (sigh:sigh: ) I've found that my tastebuds have changed and the packs I used to detest are now OK. I also put a little bit of LL water flavours in my shakes just to perk up the taste a bit - the berry one in the Choc, Vanilla and Raspberry and the St Clements one in the Choc and Vanilla is pretty good. I also put a double espresso coffee in my hot Vanilla shake sometimes and it makes a not bad latte thing.

As for the bars - I find I like them too much (sad) and they make me think about food more so I limit myself to three a week. Particularly like the nut one with a cup of black Earl Grey tea - it makes me feel like I'm having something substantial to chew.

Also - I have heard from my LLC that there are a couple of new flavours coming later this year - Banana and Strawberry was mentioned - and a new nut type bar and Cranberry bar. That'll be good!!
Thanks for all the info and thoughts. To be honest, I don't see the food packs as an "instead of". I enjoy sitting down to a nice bowl of soup, which takes my mind away from the "I'm not eating anything" mindset. It does make sense, it seemed very restrictive compared to the Cambridge Diet options...
Read somewhere on here that you can only have a bar a day because of the side effectve (think ex-lax!!)...looked at the ingredients & cant have the but bar as its got peanut in & I'm allergic so one more down for me! Can see why its sensible to have food as the medicinal thing though, after all for most of us its the bad choices that got us here in the first place!
Great to hear that you can have earl grey as I love it! What else is allowed?!! ANy coffess at all or just the ones ll do?!!

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