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Why can't I do this, what's wrong with me?

I am utterly desperate to lose weight. I am my biggest ever and starting to have health problems yet I still can't do it.

I've lost weight (over 2 stone) both with SW and WW and it's WW that suits me better. So why can't I do this? I start off each day with good intentions and hit lunchtime where I just gorge to the point of over eating:( I've done it again today and now feel so disgusted with myself.

My mum bought me a gorgeous coat from Next as an incentive and she's promised to pay for me to visit my friend in America if I get to where I want to be yet I still can't do it.

I have deeper issues with depression and set to go back to the Drs next week but other than that, why can't I do it?

I really need some help guys....please:cry:
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Umm, could you give yourself a big hug for even thinking of this is you are also fighting depression issues?

On a more practical note I find lunchtime really hard and have made up a mixture that is point free but you could really bulk it up with pasta and maybe that may help?

Not sure how much you may like veggies n tomato but I basically do a tin of herby tomato, celery, peppers, carrot, broccoli etc, put salt and pepper in, add pasta to the value of 3 points (think its 60g???) and you can really, really fill up on that. Its also a fab base for a winter soup (could also think of pulses and stuff to put in to bulk it up???).

Hope it helps and I think you're really brave and positive for fighting two issues at once. Good Luck with everything x x x x
Yes depression is hard I suffer and when I got better I got my head around the plan, but most of us know how you feel at some point we've all struggled or we wouldn't be here.

Be kind to you maybe. Don't be too strict until you feel better just make careful choices and good food helps with depression and a little exercise like a daily walk good luckxx


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I think, just reading your post which was very brave to make btw, the problem must lie somewhere between waking up and lunch.

Do you have breakfast? And if yes what do you have? Is it enough to keep you going to lunch time? And if not can you increase it so it will, or incorporate some form of WW friendly mid-morning snack?

I remember back at my heaviest I never had breakfast, I couldn't do that these days! I'd be ready to eat a horse by the time 1pm (when I have my lunch) rolls around.


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Hugs, Fallen Angel. It is difficult suffering with depression, (i did for a while). Just be strong, hope the doctors goes well, and dont take too much on at once.

Set yourself really small goals, day by day, dont look at everything you have to loose, but small steps. Have you a good friend or buddy to text when you feel like eating, to help you through?

keep strong x x


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the problem must lie somewhere between waking up and lunch.
I was thinking that reading the post. I never had breakfast and now if i go without or have a small one ill eat anything at dinner! :rolleyes: Bek bek, as my 3yr old calls it, sets you up for the day and if you fit a healthy snack like an apple inbetween you can keep hunger at bay.

(((((((((((((((((((((big hugs))))))))))))))))))))

You will get there in the end ;)


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Aww hugs to you. I know how you feel as I have recently been there. Only in my 7th week but this time I feel in control whereas before I would be really good for a few days when I would start to binge again. It was comfort food to me as I was feeling depressed. I gave myself an ultimatum, do I want to live this way for the rest of my life or do I want to be happy and healthy?

Just hang in there and you will get there in the end. Take it day by day. :)

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