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why cant i do this??


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:cry:i feel like such a failure. have started twice now and each time on day 3 i crumble and eat. i seem to say to myself it doesnt matter i can restart it tomorrow but im getting nowhere fast. also i love the gym and dont want to give it up? any suggestions or kicks up the bum appreciated x
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You can do it!
Am saying the next bit purely because you asked for kick up the bum!!!

you only crumple because you choose too!!
Day 3 is the hardest but you CAN get through it.... when you are about to crumple you make a very real choice!! we all know how compelling those demons are, how strong the urges are, we have all been there lots of us many times! But no one can do this for you....

Get your motivations clear in your head and when things get rediculously hard, open a dialogue with yourself and have a chat!!!
Decide why you want to eat and make sure the reasons are more important than the reasons for losing weight or it's just destructive!
If the reasons for being slim are stronger, then you make the decision to stay on track...
I know that sounds a gross over simplification but this is the only way I have stayed 100% for the past 8 weeks, I have many 'mis starts' before this, and it was only realising what i really needed and really wanted, that has kept me here!
Good luck!



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Franbella, don't beat yourself up about it, the diet is not for everyone.
I know if i had did Cambridge a year ago, i prob would not have managed it, just wasnt my time to do it.
I do exercise, not much cardio but toning stuff, toning table, walking, swimming, powerplate etc. You don't have to stop the gym just adapt it while you are on Cambridge.


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all in the head like tilly says you can do it!!

i have done 16 weeks i love my food more than anyone and i have jsut been on a stag for 4 days in ibiza and had 3 days with salad and still came back 3 pounds lighter. i have lost 5 stone 4 pounds in 15 weeks it is just getting that first week or two under your belt and you will see in no time at all you will be there. Think about ss plus if you are struggling to get you going
You have done fab richman as has your sis....
I honestly believe that given the chance our minds can be so powerful and helpful to us but can also be so destructive if we give them an inch.



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Why don't you do a thread , and write in there everyday your good , and get others to post who are the same tahts what helped me and i'm now into week 3 .
I was like you for months and now i'm into my third week


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Oh sweetie you can so do this!! I would suggesst to start again and because you know day 3 is your breaking point I would suggesst to plan that 3rd day in advance hour by hour
ie shake at 8.30 am
mint tea at 9.30
one pint of water at 10.30 etc. And take this day an hour at the time, if you can get past this third day everything should fall nicely into place and you will start to fell much better and more importantly you will not feel hungry. This diet is too expensive to keep falling off and start again and you are only prolonging the agony of your weigh loss journey. get into that frame of mind **I WILL DO THIS** and you will go past that 3rd day. Big hugs and lots of luck M xx

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