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Why can't our bodies shrink at an even rate?!


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oh tell me about it...i look like a skittle. Maybe the fat is more stubborn lower down. i hope it evens out soon cos i can't see where it can come from above tummy area :(
I'll always be an "apple" shape, so my waist is always last to catch up! My legs, bum, arms and shoulders are perfect for me now, but still a little spare tyre to deal with :\
I don't know what shape I naturally am, been too many years since I saw a slim adult me to be able to remember.

My body is really kind (not) and loses it off my hands and feet first - yep just where I really want to shift it from!!!
Yep Lucy you're right it will all even out in the end..... in the meantime the good thing is that I have got my engagement ring back on which I couldn't wear when I started :)


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It does even out as far your basic shape will allow. Some people are naturally pear shaped and some naturally apple shaped and not a lot you can do about it. Ive always been top heavy, with my bust measuring 2 or 3 inches more than my hips. But now im close to goal my bust is actually half an inch smaller than my hips which is a first!

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