Why CS and Why Now...What's Your Story?


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Hi all, in replying to another post I kinda got into why I was about to embark on the CS diet, and thought it may be a good topic for us all - why CS, why now, was there an event, is there an incentive to work towards etc etc ?!?!?

Well, let me begin and I hope you're sitting comfortably......lol

I've always since my teens had a weight problem - always the funny, chubby one! I did, however, lose it all in my early 20's but put it and more back on by my late 20's after marriage etc (tried to eat as much as my 6ft hubby, I'm only 5ft!). Had 2 kids in my early 30's and have been fat all of my 30's, until last year. I was 36 and a size 18-20 at 14 stone, the biggest I'd ever been, even whilst pregnant!

In June last year we went to a wedding reception and I'd hunted high and low for an outfit but being the size I was, I was limited in where I could buy from - very annoying and demoralising. I eventually bought a very expensive dress, which I did like but didn't love - but it fitted me, so it had to do. On the night I was sitting there chatting, lent forward over the table and froze - my zip at the back of the dress had "went" - panic, embarrasement and "what the hell I'm I going to do" set in....my friends came to the ladies with me and managed to get the zip back up and assured me it was simply a faulty zip - my backside - I was too fat and it happended several times duing the night. Well, that was it for me. Then by sheer chance I saw a tv ad for Lighter Life, I'd never heard of it before so checked it out online, phoned the local lady and was on the programme within a week.

I'd never done a meal replacement diet before or gone to any diet clubs - I've always calorie counted on my own. So it was all new to me and what an eye opener. I did it for 12 weeks leading up to our family holiday to Majorca and in those weeks went from an 18-20 to a size 12-14 and had to replace my entire wardrobe and undies drawer, even some shoes!

When I finished LL I did still have a stone or so to lose and thought I could do this on my own before Christmas, but I didn't, I did, however, manage to maintain my weight until the festive period kicked in and I went wild! Come January I stepped on the scales and I'd put on 10lbs in a month - omg! I got rid of all my size 16s, 18s, 20s and a lot of 14s too, so I've no choice but to either lose this weight I've regained and the last, stubborn stone or go out an buy bigger clothes and be miserible again - no choice really, I MUST finish what I started last summer and succeed with CS :D

Then again, the tv spoke to me...and ad for Celebrity Slim :) - again, I'd never heard of it, checked it out online and ordered my started pack..it sounded so good and then I found this forum, which is a godsend for me.

So here I am, the reason why and if I could do LL, I can certainly do CS!

Good luck to everyone and I wish you all every success in the world x (PS - so sorry this is such a looooooong thread - oops!)
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Not one for long stories so...

Always been big..had a baby not long ago (never thought I would be able to) and have decided that I owe it to her and me to be as fit and healthy as possible. Positive self image is as important as weight loss (b4 any1 starts the ..'you can be big and fit ' etc).
I don't want to be the fat mum. I want my daughter to be proud of me and I don't want her thinking being overweight is the norm.
This time...failure is NOT an option. I WILL be 10 stone 7 come December.


Me Im a yoyoer.....Name a diet Ive sadly done it :cry:
I have in 5 years lost and regained on and off 12.5 stones been a size 22 and a size 12.
I am the big 40 in October and I have said after yoyoing for 21 years I will NOT be fat and 40.
I have done CD x3 times LLx1 and Ive tried and tired to do Cd again and again but its the non eating that is hard so CS seems better.
I need to lose 6st 10lbs.......

So Im waiting for my CS to arrive.x

sharon kim

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i too have tried every diet known to man, the cabbage soup diet, orange and black coffee you name it ive tried it loli started dieting when i was 16 and had my first daughter at the time i was about 8 .7 im 5ft 4in since then ive gone from that to my current weight 13.12 and a size 16 [my daughter by the way is 32] about 8yrs ago i went on the atkins diet the origanel one where you had nothing but meat and for a while it was great as i love meat and i lost 4st, but i became very ill i only have one kidney and ignored the dont follow this plan if you have every had kidney probs and i thought i looked great any way i kept it of for 5yrs , then i split with my husband and sufice to say the divorce diet did nothing for me and i gained it all back , i think ive lost the same 4st about a million times lol, the turning point for me was when i started to go out with my friends seeing them enjoying themselves while i sat in a corner in my frumpy clothes trying to hide 13.12 is not an easy task lol i also cancelled a holiday with my partner as i felt i could not sit on a beach with people looking at me, determind not to be do the same this yr ive booked a wks holiday in may and there is no way im going to cancel or sit under a sarong and towel when i get there cs is my last diet


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well we are all in this together so there is no reason why we cant all get to where we want to be, the only people stopping us would be ourselves and hopefully this forum will help some of us keep on track as it isnt always going to be easy!

anyway my story is this. ive always had issues with my weight, when i was 13/14 i decided i was fat and just basically started starving myself and this went on until i was about 18 and i looked like a freak, i had about a year of being ok an then i fell pregnant, i decided then that this was a great excuse to pile on the weight and i could justify it to myself as baby weight however all my starving had made me greedy with food as i never wanted to feel that pain again so i simply just enjoyed food far too much from then on. im now 23 and in my defence - sort of - ive had three kids, one in november 2005, one in august 2007 and one in july 2008 (three under three) so my body has had a bit to deal with lol not an excuse though. so ive booked a holiday for the end of may start of june this year and i just decided im not stomping about the beach roasting, huffing and puffing after three demanding children and also my sisters birthday pictures at the end of december i looked nice, but 'fat nice' lol

im not happy being this size i dont like buying clothes to hide the fat, i hae no confience like this i just dont feel like me. so thats that here i go!


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i broke up with an ex 6 yrs ago and since then ive pilled the weight on, ive done everything to get it down, gyms, lipotrim, w watchers (was good only its impossible to get to my class), walking etc etc just isnt working, even got my glands tested cause i thought that was the problem. I comfort eat when feeling down and its kinda a habit now at this stage. The min i go into my house its straight to the press even though i know there is nothing in there but ill find something. Anyways last wk i came on this website to see was there any ideas id get and i saw C Slim and i googled it and couldnt believe the reviews it was getting so im on week one, went off it today, day 4, but back tomorrow now and thats it