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why did i do it? (sorry bit long)


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hi everyone.

Has anyone else been getting comments off family/friends about looking ill scince starting this diet?

My whole family always meet up on a saturday, they all know im on ss but this week they were fussing over me saying i look pale and ill and that ive lost to much weight and should stop.

This dident bother me to much untill the other half started saying it as well!:cry:

To cut a long story short i ended up eating a chinese saturday and egg,toast,roast diner and 4 slices of pizza on sunday:break_diet:

They were all pleased with this and said i looked a lot better but i felt like c**p. :mad:

Monday i decided to put it behind me and carry on with ss thankfully i was back in ketosis half way through tuesday. My family are all still hounding me to give up and eat so when with them i have been having a plate of green salad and a bit of chicken which is still allowing me to be in ketosis;)

I live with my partner but all my family are very close, i se my mum every day as she looks after my children while im at work so i dont have the option of avoiding them but its really getting me down that i dont have there support anymore:cry:

anyone else experianced this?
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If it's what YOU want then I would stick at it. Just tell family/friends that you know they are simply showing care and concern for your well-being but you have decided to do this for yourself and for them by becoming a healthier individual. The more they sway you from losing weight/reaching a healthy BMI then the longer it will take. If they let you get on with it for a couple of months, you'll be able to join in with the family gatherings eating pizza/take-aways etc. sooner rather than later. hth...

Good luck x


i love minimins me :)
hey hun, i had this problems with my mates last time and ended up givin up :( but i have decided that i need to do this for me and me only so am gonna try again, i knowits gonna be harder against ur family, but lookin at ur tracker u have been doin really well

Hi there, I think you should always try to remember that you're doing this diet for you and no-one else.

Maybe if you sat down with the people who're putting pressure on you and explained how important this is to you it might help. You can listen to their reasons for not wanting you to do it - and then explain that whilst you appreciate their concern, you are actually doing this in order to get to a healthy weight which will be better for you in the long run... Maybe a good heart to heart chat is in order..

I hope it works out for you anyway - you've been doing brilliantly.



Have a serene day!!
I know they only care about you, but do they really know how you feel. Jasmine is right, you need to get them to understand how you feel about yourself. My family and friends were the same when I first lost 2stone but now they accept why I am doing it and quite frankly I am looking healthier than I have for a long time.

A lot of the time I think family are frightened that the person you become will not have any of the person they already know, and so they push because they are worried about change.

How do you feel walking down the street and looking in a shop window and seeing the slimmer you? Can you honestly trade that for feeling crummy for the sake of others.

Take on board what they say, but at the end of the day you are doing it for you and all the right reasons.

Keep it up and you will show them how good you look at the end you will still be you, just a thinner you.



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Its hard especially when its family who dont approve of the diet. I think I would try and talk to them and try and explain why you need to do this. I would also point ou that although they felt better after you ate the other night you didnt, let them know how you feel and ask for their support and help, maybe you will be able to get a few on your side...

Ive now lost 3st 1 and feel better than I have in years but Im lucky because I have my family behind me, its just very skinny people who say I dont want to let myself waste away.....these people are size 8s and say they need to lose weight!!!!!!:mad:


cambridge counsellor
thanx for your replys im gonna talk to them all on saturday when everyone will be there. All my family are over weight im the smallest and that was at 15 stone! Ive been over weight for so long i think its a bit of a shock for them to see one of us getting slimmer!:eek:

This is really what i want. Ive got 2 small children one of 3 and one of 7 months and want to be able to do more with them. We are going to butlins in june and last time we went i was to self consious to go swiming so my partner took our son in while i walked round on my own. This time we have 2 children and i WILL go smimming so they dont miss out.

You lot are so great for support thankyou.:D
you're doing this diet for your own reasons so why are you letting other people decide what is right for you? they knew exactly what they were doing when they told you you were looking ill and then you ate a chinese. i know they probably dont mean any harm but i find it really annoying when friends and family sabotage people's diets. doing a vlcd is hard enough as it is and i think a hell of a lot of it is to do with people being scared of your success because they see you doing so well and think it might change you. you're just gonna have to prove them wrong. good luck!:) be strong!! xx
All my family are over weight im the smallest and that was at 15 stone! Ive been over weight for so long i think its a bit of a shock for them to see one of us getting slimmer!:eek:
having read this it all makes much more sense. it's human nature to be threatened by someone else's success i'm afraid, even when it's people who love you and have no need to be threatened x

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