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why did i do it!?

i have a confession!
it should be my first weigh in tomorrow and i have just ruined it all!
my cooker broke whilst i was at work so my OH had to go and buy a new one and then fit it... by this time it was 7pm... so we ordered take away!
i had a mixed plate of rice, quarter chicken and salad.... doesnt sound to bad until you add the donner meat! i didnt eat the onion bhaji or samosa but i feel so stupid for being so lazy and impatient and not making a proper meal :(
big fat FAILURE!
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Aww. Don't beat yourself up about it. Everyone has little slips, (I'm the world's worst) and to be honest, it doesn't sound like it's as bad as it could have been, as you avoided a lot of other temptations!!!!.
Just carry on with the plan as normal tomorrow and it'll be ok you'll see.
it could have been so much worse but i do you think i should weigh myself tomorrow still then? i did a weigh in this morning and i had lost 6lbs. im going to be definatly back on track from now! i never want to feel this disapointed again


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Don't be so hard on yourself. It was just one small slip and tomorrow is another day :0)
Remember that SW is meant to be a lifestyle and it's unrealistic to think you'll never have a takeaway ever again.
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As Angelkitty says, don't worry about it. 1 meal is not enough to destroy your entire weight loss efforts. Forget it happened and enjoy cooking healthy food in your new oven tomorrow!

And NEVER think of yourself as a failure!! x
hi everyone, thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement. i dont feel too bad about it this morning and today is another day... back on track :)
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It's at times like these that I think it really helps to work out the syns. And if you work them out on a weekly basis it puts it all in perspective. I bet you'll still be within your weekly syn allowance.

And as has been said you're not a failure. Eating takeaways etc is a part of your life & you just need to fit it in. It does sound like you made reasonably SW friendly choices.

Try not to weigh yourself mid week, it really is no reflection on you whole weight loss. And it can often lead to unnecessary disapointment.;)
Sw allows for syns and flexi-days. So one meal doesn't make a bad week, otherwise flexi-days wouldn't be an option!

Good luck with your weigh-in
well it was my first weigh in this morning and i lost 5lbs so very happy indeed. will be happy to lose 2lbs a week from now on so thats my target. anything more and ill be extremely happy.
thanks for your encouragement everyone... and for making me realise thats its actually not as bad as i first thought!
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I'm really pleased for you!! Well done. That amazing weight loss will give you a fab boost for this week. Keep it up! x

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