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Why did you choose Exante?

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Hi im new and hoping to start a VLCD in the next couple of weeks, i originally thought there was just Lighter Life but have now found that there are so many different ones! im looking closely at Exante now as it seems great for my busy life!

So im wondering - what made you choose Exante over all of the other VLCD's out there?

and do the packs/shakes/bars taste good?

Thanks for your help guys/gals!
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This might not really help but I'll post this anyway..

I originally chose the Cambridge Diet.. you get a councillor & the price was alright & there's a huge CD community too! But my doctor wouldn't let me go on it, so I've been cheeky & put myself on Exante instead. The price is great but as far as I know, there's no councilling or anything. If you have issues with food LL or CD will probably be more helpful & sucessful for you in the long run, but people on this forum are very helpful & knowledgeable & always willing to help!

Personally I find the Strawberry (shake), Banana (shake) & Thai Chicken (soup) really horrible but everyone is different & you might like them! :) The bars in my opinion are scrummy, it's what I look forward to eating most.. apart from the Vegetable soup which I could literally live off of. :p
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I've posted it before but for me it was because:

- it was cheap in comparison to some others
- I didn't want weekly meetings or 1-2-1 counselling

- I didn't want a long-term abstinence programme
- I wanted a structured approach to reintroducing food
- I wanted to be able to adapt occasionally to cover social occasions
- I wanted the 100% RDA of essential vits and minerals
- I liked that it doesn't contain asapartame

I did quite a lot of reading and research before I made my decision. I have a couple of mates who have done very well with LL and another who is currently on CD and also doing very well, but for me the flexibility and unaccountability of Exante (as well as the price!) made it the winner. If I want to I can walk away from it tomorrow with no reproach, no comeback and nothing lost financially. I'm not intending to do that, but I'm the sort of person who likes to always be able to see my escape route from any situation (it's a biking thing I think) so I think that's partly why it's working for me so far.


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For me it was initailly the price but also that I could do it alone, without having to involve a counsellor.
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For me, pretty much the same as Yam... while some people see 'counsellors' (aka resellers) as support, I'd rather not have a middleman take their cut out of my attempts to do something positive about my health.

Taste good compared to what? All things are relative... Compared to real food, it's pretty damn poor. Compared to LT, however, for me it's a winner.


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Hello YummyMummy 2 be,

Price was my main consideration.
It would not suit my present working conditions to have to attend weekly meetings anyway.
Being able to buy online and for all intents and purposes being able to 'choose' the delivery day was another important consideration.

If you read the various threads here you will see that there is a wide range of opinion over the various packs in terms of taste. I think that I am lucky in that I do not find any of them particularly loathsome but I do know that after a week or so my tastebuds did adapt. But I think that happens generally when altering diet habits. Many years ago I remember I gave up sugar in tea/coffee and it did take a couple of weeks before it tasted 'normal.' The same with not adding salt to food at the dinner table.

I think what I am saying is that if you don't expect the milkshakes will taste like Nesquick or the soups will taste like Heinz you possibly won't be too disappointed.

Love Myr xxx


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:It was yambabe that lead me to exante
I let her do the research
:whistle: :copon:

I don't mind any of the soups, shakes or bars

it's been a real plus that they have all the vitamins and minerals in
and not falsly sweetened
after all, you can add it if you must

the price is ok too
good community of experienced people on here

if you can afford £70 per week for LL , go for it, as most of us have deep seated stuff about food that I am sure their counselling could "out", but I would rather try on my own


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Price first and foremost
To have some control over what I was putting in my body
No aspartame
Able to get it easily online

I like all the flavours, think I am lucky in that respect :D or just a pig!

Bren xx

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