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why do bad things happen to good people

im sorry ive not been around for awhile but had some bad news and finding it hard to do ssing aswell.

my nanna took ill on bank holiday mon and we were told that it was an infection we ve now been told its cancer in the lung, liver, stomach and there is nothing they can do for her but manage the pain.

i cant believe it i only saw her a few weeks ago and she was on great form :cry:i just dont know what to do but eat and cry my mum is do in cambridge with her and my hubby away i feel so alone just want to eat.

i just needed to let it all out sorry xx
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:cry:Such hard news for you to hear and to take in. When does your hubby get back?

I'm sure that the medical staff will do everything they can to make your nan's time left as comfortable as possible.

My prayers are with you
thanks he away till end of month but ive asked him to come back before them its just so hard as it been a bad couple of years for our family my cousin died acouple of weeks ago and my grandad a few years ago.

im really worried for my mum she finding it really hard to come to tearms with.
hiya, so sorry to hear that sad news. I lost my grandad last yr to cancer it was so sad. He was 90 a fab man always in good health never a bother on him then suddenly this happened. Nothing no one could do and he died in a couple of weeks. i still cant believe it. Maybe you should forget about the diet for a while there is no point stressing about it aswell now. hope you are ok ((((((hugs)))))

becky xx
i know i was thinking that too becky but my nanna was so proud of me for doing it and losing the weight i have to keep going she would be so upset if i didnt


Must do it this time
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Hey Dd I Just Want To Say How Sorry I Am, Beckys Right Dont Stress Over Cd Now,one Thing At A Time Ok Hun,
Elaine X


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Oh DD - my thoughts and love are with you and all your family at this difficult time x

We lost my Nan last year in similar circumstances and I know exactly how you feel - except I was not on my own. Hope your hubby gets back asap to give you all the support you need lovely.

Kj xxx
thanks everyone for ur words i really needed to get it off my chest.

ive talked to my folks and im going to see work for some time off and go down and help my mum finding it hard and she wants some stuff taking in down and hubby said he going to come home asap so feel abit better . x


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So sorry to hear your sad news, my thoughts are with you and your family.

Louale x
Sorry to hear about your nan doubledumplings, thinking you and your family xx

scorpio dawny

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So sorry to hear about your nan. Your feel better when your with your mum and nan, being able to comfort them. Thinking of you x


has started again!!
Sending my love too DD. Been there myself, with FIL, and also lost my Mum suddenly 4 years ago too. Its tough. Give yourself time, and let CD happen when you are more able to cope.

Do take care of yourself and your family. {{{{{BIG HUG}}}}}
Again, nothing anyone can say can make it better or easier.
I'm sending you love and hugs and whenever you need support, come on here.
We're all with you..


Mrs B

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Just wanted to send you a (hug). So sorry to hear your news.


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I'm sending love, hugs, thoughts and prayers for you. Nans are very special people. I remember mine with such great affection and have some wonderful memories. Try to focus on the happy times you shared. You will need those memories in the days to come.

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