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Why do I always feel hungry?


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Even after a double portion of almost syn free shepherds pie with veggies do I still feel hungry afterwards?

I've been struggling with my weight for years now and it always comes down to the crux of my appetite. I just feel like I never feel satisfied (unless I have binged heavily at a indian buffet) but it gets me down when I never feel satisfied.
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are you drinking enough? sometimes we confuse thirst with hunger-if you feel hungry have a drink and after a while if you are still hungry then go and have more food


S: 18st7lb C: 12st11.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 5st9.5lb(30.69%)
only one way to find out!

give it a go for a few weeks and see if you notice a difference
Various possibilities - you might be thirsty, you might not have left enough time for your meal to digest, you might be bored, you might just fancy something else.

But you aren't hungry. Not really.

Think about what you mean by being satisfied. Are you really saying that you are only satisfied after a binge? If so, then this may be more about what is going on in your mind than your stomach.

Next time you feel hungry after a meal, go and do something which will keep you busy and make eating inconvenient. If you are still not satisfied after half an hour of doing - and thinking about - something else entirely, then ask yourself this. Is something terrible going to happen because you think you feel hungry? Does it really matter?
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emotional hunger- the feeling comes on suddenly, and its very hard to ignore.

actual hunger- the feeling comes on slowly, and can be ignored if you dont have the time or effort to eat right then and there, your body will wait for the food it needs... if your feeling emotionally hungry you'l go out of your way to get food because you need it right then and there.

this is what i base myself on now. Ask yourself everytime you think you feel hungry, and take a few sips of water. after a few minutes youl be able to make a descion.

also, i know this proberly isnt the best advise.. but iv REALLY cut down on my portion sizes, so thats i have to feel pure hunger.. then i eat my meals really slowly with a massive glass of water.. i eat more or less depending on what my body needs. Its the only way iv been able to gauge how much food i actually 'need' compared to how much i ate before, about three times the amount.

right now iv found a good balance between a decent portion size to fill me up nicely at each meal, but have stopped snacking.. because i just dont need to. Somthing i didnt realise before.. i ate because it was free, because i could. Not because i needed too.



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I feel that I'm more hungry since I started slimming world but I'm eating the right things which really makes a difference. It might just be that I did nt feel hungry before I started the plan because I ate constantly and never left a gap between one crap snack to another. I eat so much more now but its all within the plan and all good healthy food.

I find I too can eat a big meal and an hour later feel hungry again so I'll have a piece of fruit or a yoghurt, something syn free and then I don't feel like I'm denying myself something when I've got hunger pangs.

It's good advice about the drink though, I don't drink enough and it's something I'm going to try to increase and see if that brings my appetite down somewhat.

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Water is the key!
One thing to try, is after the meal and you then start to feel hungry, drink some water and wait 30 mins. If you still feel hungry, then eat something like a banana (slow releasing energy).


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It does sometime take a while for us to feel full, so I agree with everyone on here.. Drink water, with your meal and after and you'll be full for sure. Plus add fruit to after your meal as well, Exercise - walk daily and lots of iced water will help to satisfy your hunger urges too. x

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