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Why do i do it ????


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This is my problem - i weigh in - get a great result and then justify to myself that 4 slices of small garlic bread is well deserved cause i had been so good all week. Its a vicious circle im caught up in !!!!

Im back on track this morning but cant believe i at them last night "because" i lost 4 pounds and went on a walk yesterday !

Any words of wisdom ladies ?:wave_cry:
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no wisdom im afraid but if its any consolation I do it too. Perhaps it stems from the sweetie rewards I had as a kid for being good etc??? I dont know but even when Im aware Im doing it I still eat it. When I was doing weight watchers because I had so many points I used to have fish and chips on my way home after being weighed!


Will be thin god dammit!!
I have a tube of smarties after WI and dont count them - ooooh Im a rebel without a clue!
What about buying yourself a treat you can have with your syns ahead of time? Or a non-food treat?

But yeah, I know what you mean. I was a lot more relaxed yesterday and had an ice-cream after I weighed myself.


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Why not use your syns on a weekly basis like many people here do. If you want the garlic bread then you can have it just count the syns from your weekly allowance. That way you don't feel guilt for going off plan and you carry on as normal for the rest of the week.


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Are you only alloweed to save 5 syns per day - thats a good idea ! then i could have a little mini binge on Friday nights !


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If it was 4 slices from a baguette rather than 4 individual ones (which are like whole slices of bread on their own) then it may not have been too bad. I remember when I first started SW I used to make veg spag bol and have some garlic bread on the side as a synned treat. I think I used to get 3 slices and it would work out around 3.5 syns a slice (it was reduced fat). Obviously this varies by make but even if it was 5 syns a slice then you would be over for the day but it shouldn't ruin your whole week.

Draw a line under it and next time you're faced with something like garlic bread just grab your book and your scales and work it out. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself but you can be smart about it and 'treat' and 'diet' at the same time.


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i dont think there is a reason why you do it - apart from you are human, and have things you want to eat! and on SW you can have it, just need to syn it!

Ive gone totally overboard this weekend (really bad!) and i am now facing up to the fact i will have gained on my next weigh in - but like you - i am back on it - so at least thats something, you could have just given up - so give yourself some praise....xxx you can do it - good luck! x