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Why do I do this!?!

Hey guys,

Just a little rant. I always eat one thing that tips me over the edge... If I eat one non-SW food, then that's it for me...

Today, went to Nandos during a day of shopping and had spicy rice, 1/4 chicken with skin removed and corn on the cob.

Then I stole a couple of my little brother's chips. And ate the frozen yoghurt that he didn't want.

Not too bad, but then...I went completely off the rails and you don't want to know what else I've eaten...

I now feel guilty, regretful and horrible, not to mention sick.

I always do this...ARGH!

Rant over.
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Now to maintain.....
aww no,take a great big hug.....and jump straight back on that wagon!!
i had to have my lunch off plan yesterday-in an all you can eat place none the less.....lol!
but the important thing is thinking oh poop and hopping straight back on that wagon.....not thinking oh well a bit more wont hurt and eating more.
so come on....hop on....
I agree, draw a line under it
Don't let a blip turn into a disasterous week .....
You can't change what you have already eaten but you can
change what goes into your mouth today and tomorrow !!


Stop. Now.

You can't undo what you've done, but you can choose what to do with the rest of your day/week. Draw a line under it and move on.

Chin up ;)
Thanks for this guys, I was just so upset that I'd done this again. I thought I was capable of being sensible, but not yet.

Drawing a line under it and starting afresh...hoping for a STS this week :)

Thanks again :)
you will be just fine.

important thing is you have relised you have been naughty and have given yourself a telling off and are now back on track.

Bet you wont have done any damage at all.


is working hard.....
((((Hugs)))) Hope you are feeling better today hun - onwards and downwards as they say!

You ask 'Why do I do this?' and I think the clue lies in your comment:
If I eat one non-SW food, then that's it for me...
I think thats the key - if you see a food as 'non-SW' then it becomes forbidden and straying into the forbidden can lead to an all out mutiny as you found! Like you, one slip and I had 'blown it' then eaten everything in sight and ended up hating myself for it.

For me, this time round on SW I decided that it HAD to be an all out change on the way I approached food (and exercise but thats another story!) and key to that mind shift is thinking that SW is a new way of eating FOREVER and therfore it is not a diet. No food for me is forbidden and 'non - SW' now. I stop and think - do I really want this food/drink, if so how much, how many syns, and how will it fit into the rest of my days/weeks food? Then decision made, permission given, I can enjoy it rather than bolt it down and then worry. Or I decide not to eat it, and walk away, decision made.

Those other inevitable slips of 'chip/ice-cream/milkshake/crisp/popcorn/chocolate button/cheese testing' moments are synned mentally straight away, mentally allowed and forgiven, and then written down as soon as possible. It happens without thinking sometimes I know - yesterday for me was a lovely ice cream offered to me by my daughter to try! I did (it was yummy) but then added 1 syn to my day's total for my treaty taste!

Your couple of chips and Frozen yoghurt could have been planned/synned like that, and accepted immediately as still being 'on plan', then no more guilt and torment leading to more eating after.

Its a mind shift, and has been incredibly powerful for me as this was where I stumbled before.

I also try to think round situations and plan ahead for moments like these, especially at social events and eating out. I often pop a peppermint (Extra Strong Mints at 1/2 syn are good) in straight after eating or when faced with temptation (or even when cooking) to make it a more conscious decision to not put the 'extra nibbles' in my mouth. A greasy chip is not desirable in a minty mouth!

Just my thoughts, and I hope helpful in some way. No matter what, you are back on plan and because you recognise what you have done, the good news is you can change it!

Have a fabby day hon, and take care. xx :)


Silver Member
aww hunny, :grouphugg: I can't add to any of the above other than trying to explain how I get over my "blip" days. If I've had a day like that, I do the drawing of the line thing, and rather than then beating myself up about it I decide that I had a flexible syn day, I am allowed them on plan, therefore I have not gone off plan... does that make any sense? Its as though by doing this I convince myself I have stayed on plan and find it easier to then continue (as I never went off). I know this is only occasionally but if I do it this way I don't end up throwing my hands in the air and giving up. Am I mad? :silly:
Thanks guys :) You are awesome. I am back on-plan and I'm going to try and stay like that FOREVER. My mindset is all wrong - once I change that, then I'll be fine.

Mints are on the shopping list :)

Off to the gym now!
I thought I was capable of being sensible, but not yet.
Presumably you have been this way around food for many years prior to starting SW? (I have been like this all my life)

You have to accept that you cannot just join SW and all of a sudden have the capability to rid yourself of all these demons overnight!!!! This happens and it is part of who we have been for a looooong time.

Things will get better over time, but it takes a determination to succeed long term and a 'get over it' mentality when you do mess it up occasionally.

I still binge occasionally but they have become much rarer and less damaging (my last one (on Monday) was half a packet of jelly sweets, 3 packets of weight watchers mini cookies and a 100 cal bar of dairy milk- most people would call that an afternoon snack and compared to my old binges it was nothing!)

It is not these moments that define your journey, mate- it will be your ability to deal with them and move on, and most importantly, what you do with the 99% of the time when you are NOT binging

massive hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
These things happen Hun. You cant be 100% all the time, we are human and sometimes mistakes happen.
As the others have said, you have recognised it and you are now doing something about it. There is definitely no point pondering over it as it will just make you feel really bad and then more likely to fall off the wagon big style.
Plan your day and make allowances for eating in places like Nandos etc. If there is nothing completely syn free, go for a healthier option.
You CAN do it!!!

Thanks guys :) I'm not feeling too well - all the junk from yesterday probably, so I'm chilling at home with the little brother and going to have a lovely, healthy day :)

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