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Why do I feel faint?


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G: 9st6lb
I'm on day 9 of this diet (CD SS) and today, I have had bouts of feeling dizzy. I'm really confused? I haven't done anything different from what I have been doing up until now?? I sit at my desk most of the day, don't really get hungry as such.... I just had a shake and I've been guzzling the water but I still feel a bit dizzy!!


x Alli x
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G: 9st6lb
Hey Kate,

Thanks for the quick reply! Its nice to know its not just me! I am just a bit worried! I hope I dont faint on the way back home (I'm still at work)! If i weren't on CD i would grab some totally high calorie, well, whatever really to give me the energy! Its not that Im craving it right now, but I know that this feeling is not right!

I don't wanna ruin what I've acheived so far!

x Alli x
Hi Alli,When i started 9 days ago i felt dizzy for the first couple of days, this has stopped now, well for the time being anyway. maybe it is the drop in calories. My auntie has been doing the CD for five months and she said she had them for quite a while so it is natural on the CD. keep up the hard work because you have done brilliant.


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I had that at the beginning and am just starting to have it again now, hope it passes for us all
Hi Alli
I had them off and on when I was on LL, so am expecting it will happen again. I'm not suprised just think what we are putting our bods through?
It will settle and you will see amazing results.

Take care
I had this on and off too, but mainly when I stood up too quick, I had to sit and stand up very slowly to counteract. If you are having the water then this should help, drink it when you feel dizzy, the CD book says a ltr should help. If you do faint then seek advice x
Quite often its caused by the duiretic (sp?) effect that this diet has and although you're drinking a lot, generally speaking you're passing a lot too! This can cause temporary dizziness but it really should pass in a day or two, drinking more water does help.


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G: 9st6lb
Thanks guys for all your replies!

I carry on drinking LOADS and still feel the same... I hope it will just pass.

Thanks again for the replies!

x Alli x