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Why do i feel like this?


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I feel like eating. But i've thought about it, and i'm not hungry - not in the slightest. I even went out for lunch (chicken skewers, wholemeal pitta and a pathetic excuse for a salad, oh, and a tiny square of blackcurrent and lemon cake and scoop of vanilla ice cream - nearly forgot about that - funny eh?!).

But i'm sitting at my desk pondering on whether to eat something. I've had nearly 2 pints of sparkling water while i've been thinking about it - but I still "feel" like eating something.

Possibilities are a banana/apple/ww bars and ww biscuits - so not anything bad.


Why is my brain doing this to me? It knows i'm weak and pathetic and i will probably cave in any minute, but really. It's not fair.

OK moan over and i've still not eaten anything... which is good.

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Don't worry about it, we all fell like that sometimes, me especially!!! I don't know a "cure" for it just to try and resist.

If I didn't eat everytime I wasn't hungry I wouldn't be in the position I am now which is over 10 stone overweight!

I think that I do definitely comfort eat and boredom eat and any other excuse to eat!!!

Just don't torture yourself about it and I hope it helps just a little knowing that there are lots and lots of other people probably feeling exactly the same right now!


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Yep I want to eat when I am not hungry too. Its usually cos amd tired, bored, upset, lonely. I am learning to listen to my body and give it what it needs at the time. Although I would get strange looks at work if I retired for a candle lit bath.

Well done for resisiting
Ah this is the classic comfort emotional eater prob, we are so used to eating for the reasons said above its gettung used to not using food as a friend an entertainment and a comfort thats hard.
You say you feel like eating but cant,this is also due to feelin that once you start as you arent hungry you feel you maybe cant then stop eating. It takes many months to learn this habit.I always thought when people said 'if you lose the lbs fast it wont stay off' as you lost fast they go back on fast as you stop your plan,well of course thats true but really it means the longer it takes to lose the lbs the more successful we will be at keeping them off,Why,easy as we relearn how to use food properly,as a way to live and not as a comfort.
I as noted here struggle to eat my points simply I could of course I could a bar of chocolate,a portion of chips chocolate cake we all know we can eat these BUT we until we relearn how to not use food as a crutch we get slightly anxious so mentally feel we cant eat.
Id say have your points try having then divided over the meals ie 20 a day 4 breakfast 6 lunch 8 evening meal 2 snacks that way you are having them in a way planned.......Dont do me and not have them all as it does effect weightloss,I found this out xx