why do i feel like this?


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hi everyone

im feeling really ill.

faint, dizzy, and so completely lifeless.

I really dont want to give this up coz it does work for me but ive not had the burst of energy everyone talks about.

im drinking enough water

I been doin SS for 2 weeks now

any advice would be great

Hi Tracey I felt like like for the 1st 3 weeks when I did CD last year I think it may be your body not liking the Carb withdrawal?Otherwise like in normal everyday life you could be coming down with something?
I hope you feel better soon maybe up your water??
thanks very much for replying.

I hope it will pass as ive restarted this diet sooooooooooooooooo many times and ive only even been able to get to day 6 before, now im on day 14 and id hate to have to jack it all in now

is anyone else more aware of their heart beating?
like, feeling it without putting your hand there?

it sounds strange i know!!!!!
Hi Tracie,
I had heart palpertations when I did REDUCTIL I was told to stop taking them!
Maybe its the restarting soooooooo many times your body cant handle it?
I kept restarting Cd to the point of weekly so Im trying LL as I think I need lots of support...as you'll gather from my posts :eek: lol.
Im not saying try LL but maybe give your body a complete rest from SS for a while until your feeling better try 790 or 1000 as these work well too?
I hope you'll feel better xxc
Hi Tracie,

You have had a real emotional upset this weekend with your neighbours intruding on your privacy, I think this in itself would be totally draining.

Do your best to stick to the SS but if you really are feeling this low as I have said on other threads move to a food programme for a while, have a chat to your CDC. The 790 could be an excellent choice for you.

Hope things at home have calmed down for you.

Not really sure what to advise to be honest i was going to say are you drinking enough but you say that you are, maybe you could try abit more, do you space you packs out evenly not sure if that makes a difference but you could try, i would advise that you speak with your CDC and ask her advice.

Love Busy XX
i felt tired for a few weeks when i first started th c/d
but then my energy levels when sky high
so stick with it -it gets better ;)
I'm on day 16, and I've been feeling like this some days too, but then the next, I'll be fine.

Have you looked at everything you're having - possibly if you drink coffee etc the caffine might have more of an effect on you than usual?

Or maybe if you're really active with kids etc, you maybe are tiring yourself out - remember you aren't getting the calories you used to, so you may well have less energy.
You're not alone tracie, must admit it took quite a few weeks before I stopped feeling tired and never really felt the energy buzz a lot of people get. It does pass as you go along, honestly.

My buzz came from seeing the weight come off and of course the lighter you get the better you'll feel anyway :D
hi everyone,

Thanks alot for your replies.

I had doc appoint at 9 am this morning and i jusy couldnt get out of bed.

I got the kids ready for school from my bed , went down to give them breakfast and then i had to come back up.

Yesterday, for the first time, I came close to jacking it all in (for the first time in these 2 weeks!)

My ankle chain is really tight, so much so its making marks around my ankle.

i'm only up now coz i gotta take Mackenzie (my youngest daughter) to playgroup!

my housework has gone to pot coz I just havent got the energy one little bit!!

I really really really want to stick with it, I do, I know what im like on every other diet and this works for me.

If i go to the docs, without any hesitation or understanding, ill be told to give VLCD up.

maybe ill try spacing my packs out.

im not normally having my 1st until 6pm ish

maybe this is why.

its gettin me quite down realy because I want to feel good.

Again, thanks alot for your replies and for asking me how I am today I'lldoit :D it was kind of you

Hi Tracie it sounds like you have fluid retention?Maybe you need to phone your CDC asap!
Get to the doctors if not it doesnt sound right to me
maybe ill try spacing my packs out.

im not normally having my 1st until 6pm ish

Crikey. That's a long day before you have anything.
I would try having them spread out and see if that helps.

This is definitely too long before shakes, your body will go into starvation mode. If you are not drinking enough during this period you body can start to retain fluid.

The majority of people with fluid retention have this because they do not drink enough, they do not drink because they have fluid retention and think it will make it worse, its the complete opposite.

Its no wonder you feel tired your body is starving during this long period.

Please start to space out your shakes, six small portions would be a good idea to get you into the swing of things.

Hope you feel better soon.

i gave up doing the housework
in the first few weeks even cooking tired me out i found haveing little naps in the day helped
ooo0000oooo waiting till 6pm for your first meal yikes no wonder your tired
i have mine at 11am-3pm-and 7pm
seems to help keep me just about going

i heard not drinking enough water can make your muscles tired and make you feel sluggish

:D hi everyone,

im going to space out my packs, just having my 1st one now!

i'll keep you posted if it makes a difference!

thanks again

hi ya,

yeah, im spacing them out but still no energy!!!!

feel like giving up soooooooooooooooooooo much but i know i cant!

how are you?

Ahhhh sorry you feel fed up.............Please hang in there it will get better and you'll feel proud you did.I did CD last year and lost 2st 9lbs in 9 weeks but I put it back on and once you do that its soooooooooo hard to restart!
You'll be ok if you find it too tough do plan 790?
Im ok still waiting to start LL!:(
You take carexxc