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Why do I have this fear that I am going to mess it up?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by SoldieronNatasha, 8 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. SoldieronNatasha

    SoldieronNatasha Full Member

    I am doing really well so far and have lost 5 pounds in my first week. Why then do I have this sinking feeling that any day now I am going to mess up and fail? I can't stop feeling like this and I don't understand why as I am loving the plan :/ it is almost like I think it is impossible to lose weight
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  3. MissD47

    MissD47 Member

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    Slimming World
    I felt exactly the same. I had tried every diet going and nothing has ever worked for me, so i was in denial when i started losing weight with Slimming World as I'm eating more than i have in a long time and Carbs are allowed. Try not to pull yourself down, your doing an amazing job. Stay positive, we're all in this together and I'm sure we're not the only ones who feel like this..
  4. Anti222

    Anti222 Full Member

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    Paul McKenna
    You're definitely not alone! I feel like this most days, I've spent so many years of my life trying every diet out there, only to fail miserably. SW is the only one I know that actually works and I even messed that up a few years ago, hence my presence here now. I try to tell myself to take it one day at a time, don't look too far ahead as I'll be imagining myself slim and when I look in the mirror I'm nowhere near it so I give up, telling myself that I wont succeed. I think that because I've failed so many times in the past I've convinced myself that I'll never be slim and I've never given myself the chance to find out.

    The most important thing is not to give up and stay positive! Read the success stories on the SW website, read the inspitational stories and look at the photos on here of all the amazing people it's worked for and most of all, look at the scales each week...they're telling you the real story, that you can do it! Keep that image in your head of the outfit that you want to wear when you take your own inspirational photo and how good you'll feel when you get there but remember that it won't be tomorrow or the next day but you'll get there eventually. And if you do have a gain, so what? I know I've spent the best part of my life having gains, which is why I am where I am now. I'm a seasoned pro at gains and it's hard to stop doing something I've become an expert at but I've got the rest of my life to turn it around, perfect the losses and maintenance and become a master of all trades! Keep going! You CAN do it!!! :bunnydance:
  5. Tabasco

    Tabasco Member

    I'm feeling like that this week.

    This week is the first week I'm doing the plan 100% but I feel like I'm eating non stop!

    I know SW works as I've lost around 5 stone a few years ago (but put it back on again!) but that was using red and green so I'm still a bit cautious about EE.

    Still...the scales will tell on Saturday....
  6. SoldieronNatasha

    SoldieronNatasha Full Member

    Thanks guys. What you have said makes complete sense and I am glad I am not alone. I have been trying to lose weight for 6 years and have not only failed to but have gained more so maybe that's why I am worried. But as you say I'll keep going and take one day at a time and hopefully I will finally get there
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