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why do i keep doing this to myself?

well yet again ive been a fool and gave in to my head (it always wins) after finishing work i was absolutely starving and i know that if i just get hame and make my shake ill be fine but its the time between finishing work and getting hame thats dangerous i ended up going to mcdonalds and gorging my face on sh**e how pathetic i feel so low.

ive notbeen able to do this 100% this time round im finding it so difficult i done LL 2 years ago and done so much better although i was working in a chippy at the time now im a bus driver its so bloody hard and next week ive got 2 trips to restaurants as its my birthday and have a friend up staying with me. god i feel like such a failure i keep reading stories from people that have been 100% for weeks and weeks yet i cant even manage a week, i did say to myself that after next week im gonna get stuck in to it cos everytime i cheat i feel sick and horribly full, i do want to do this diet but i just need to get into the right frame of mind, i feel like crying just feeling so sorry for myself i dont have nobody else to blame but myself. whywhywhy do i do this time after time.

mel xxx
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Angelic Fruitcake
Dont be hard on yourself hun it will put you in a negative frame of mind and then you will never suceed. So you made a mistake I bet plenty of people with weeks of 100% have failed at dieting in the past before they got in the right frame of mind to commit I know I have. and anyway the mistake you made is already in the past gone so the future can be anything you want it to be. Maybe take next week off with your birthday meal relax and enjoy yourself with your friends and family get into a posotive frame of mind and then start again. When you do start again remind yourself that the reason your doing it in the first place is because you love yourself enough to want to change for the better and to live a heathier and more fufilling life. The otherday I really wanted a pizza really badly I was arguing with myself wheater or not to dial dominos so instead I pre-orderd myself a dvd I really want with the money I would have used on the pizza so replace treating yourself to food on other things you enjoy. I'm sure when you feel better you will commit 100% But don't get mad at yourself like I said we can't do anything about the past but we can do something about the furture. Hope you feel better soon hunny xxxx


Hi its me again
why dont you have water or a tetra or even a bar in that dangerous time between you finishing work and getting home. Least you will have something to banish the hunger with.
Dont beat yourself up about it, i mean looking at your details you have allready lost 17lbs thats awsome. So a cheat here and there might be a minor hiccup along the way, its not going to make you sudenly pile all that weight back on. Why not just stay positive and think "ok that was naughty, but i enjoyed it" and then get back into the diet the next day.


Peggy McParrot
I know what you mean, nearly finished 4 weeks and have cheated 3 times big style, and not cos i'm hungry, just mind gremlins,,,,,, no one said this diet would be easy, its still a lot of will power, and getting over your own personal gremlins.... just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and stay strong
thanks for your support guys, ive decided to allow myself next week off but i am ready to start 100% from saturday the 21st its now or never time and i no that although i really crave food and being italian i love pizza and pasta and find it difficult like everyone else, i dont feel like i have the support from fam and friends yeah my mum wants to see me do well but gives me a hard time if i mention the word cheat or hard cos she lost 4 stone on LL and found it quite easy she thinks that i should find it easy and my oh doesnt like to see me hungry and irritable so gives in to me. but i do want to do this diet 100% for me and no one else xxx


Angelic Fruitcake
Good for you hun Im sure you will do it keep the posotive attitude and enjoy your birthday. And remember you won't be without the pizza or pasta forever you will get to enjoy them again just in moderation lol xxx
Well, at least your mum understands what sort of diet you're doing, right? Saves you from having to justify the diet as well as fight the cravings...

Don't beat yourself up. At least you are trying to lose weight, which is something to be proud of!

I used to have my bar just as I left work, or just before I left work, with a cup of black tea. I don't know if it was the bar, the caffeine in the tea, or not feeling deprived, but it really helped me get past that after work time.

Is your job really stressful?
I am sorry that you don't feel supported by fam and friends. I find that coming on here really helps when I am not feeling so good, I can read about other people's struggles, or post about my own and someone I feel a little better. Maybe that's an option for you.
Good luck for your restart
Awww no new suggestions as i think other posters have covered them all (keeping a cd bar in your bag is a good suggestion for when you do get the munchies) but wanted to say good luck for your restart.
I have just had a week off cd and can;t wait to back onto it tomorrow!! I was having real doubts and thought go low cal then, It has been nice, but within day 2 I was ready to come back onto cd!! (couldn't get to cdc until tonight) so purplehugs said, why not follow slimfast and it really helped!

I haven't cheated but did have 2 planned meals and felt fine! I had tetras and bars for any week moments which honestly did help

keep strong, it costs too much for cd to cheat!!
Well I had a meal on Valentines, and it's my Birthday today so I'm having a green and white meal with my family and chap. I'm not feeling bad about it though at the moment, will just go back to 100% ss from Tuesday onwards.:D

I'm off work sick at the moment and I'm finding the diet easier than when I was working. My job is very heavy. I work 1.30pm - 9.30pm and by 7pm usually I feel sick with hunger, faint and my brain feels mashed, just can't concentrate at all.:jelous: But now I have a dodgy spine I can't do allot, and I'm not tempted by food. Picking that is, the Valentines meal and birthday meal were planned well before the diet started. Plus I get really obsessed with food if I think it's banned forever, it's a vicious circle which I'm not getting into again.:rolleyes:

I would suggest what the others have said; have a bar when you finish work. How many packs do you have? Maybe if you’re burning more calories doing a physically demanding job you could have an extra pack a day x
oh Melissa85, totally relate with the danger time. Mine was always the same, just after work, and before dinner. I would have a sandwich or a bag of crisps and then eat a cooked dinner. Then felt full so didn't make it off the sofa to the gym etc.
To combat this bad habit, I made sure that when I got home, I went straight upstairs and had a shower/bath and distracted myself whilst tea was cooking. And consumed a pint of water, which left me quite full. I have had a lot of help from my OH so that I wasn't any where near the kitchen.
This always sound easier than it is, but what I am trying to say through my waffle is that it isn't actually a hunger thing but a habit thing and breaking the cycle is the key.
I hope you are feeling less negative today and realise that you will do this with a little help. Happy Monday :)
Thanks Sleepybird:D
thanks very much everyone youve all been so supportive, im feeling better today just been weighed and still lost a 1lb which i was very shocked at i hounestly thought i put on. i dont have a physical job but it can be stressful i normally have tetras but i ran out and i didny really like the bars i thought they tasted really salty (yuk). after this week im gona be 100% and i feel determined.



Angelic Fruitcake
woo hoo!!! good for you xxx
Mel, i'm shocked you don't like the bars!! They're my lifesaver on this diet! I'm pleased you've still lost tho; thats great, keep going, & don't forget to keep a bottle of water in your bag. I'm getting bad at keeping my water consumption up, but its the most important thing when you crave. Best of luck this week, Simone x
Oh & Happy Birthday Lady H!!


Peggy McParrot
thanks very much everyone youve all been so supportive, im feeling better today just been weighed and still lost a 1lb which i was very shocked at i hounestly thought i put on. i dont have a physical job but it can be stressful i normally have tetras but i ran out and i didny really like the bars i thought they tasted really salty (yuk). after this week im gona be 100% and i feel determined.

its sometimes the ketosis that makes thing taste salty, try them again in a week or two,
your not the only one, i found it hard today - very hard but instead of the choc took a atkins approch and had a egg omlette cooked in fry light - try something like that instead and no guilt pangs.


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