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Why do kids never listen?


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My daughter has just asked if her friend can stay for tea. I don't have a thing in the house as not been shopping yet so said no. My daughter who's 11 then kept asking and asking until I had to firmly say no. I hate it when they make you look the bad guy just for telling them no.
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Did you explain to her why you were saying no? I always found it difficult to understand why my mum would say no to me as a child & teenager. Often she'd either get more annoyed at me & shout or she'd repeat 'because I said no' over & over again. I think it would have been rather useful for her to explain to me that the reason was [insert reason here].
Did you explain to her why you were saying no? - - -
I wondered about this too. When I was a child I hated it when people wouldn't give me logical reasons for saying no (although I suspect that this was mostly because there were no logical reasons!).

I would have been tempted to say "look in the cupboards and the fridge, and if you can find something we could give your friend for tea, then she can stay".


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I always offer an explanation to my daughter. She might not like it but I was always told "because I said so" as a child and it really annoyed me!


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Ha ha ha.

Yes I did explain to her the reason why here friend couldn't stay...it was the continued attempts to get me to change my mind which was annoying.

When I said I had nothing in...I had nothing suitable for her peanut allergic friend - which I explained...I generally have to buy specific things for her because she is mighty susceptible bless her. Bloody kids.

Thanks for listening to my rant.:0)


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kids hey!
i think alot of kids at 11 arent interested in a reason they just dont understand why they cant have their own way... i must say i was soooo spoilt when i was 11 as my mum died when i was 10 so i dont ever remember my dad saying no to anything. i am now 26 with 2 children and my dad still gives me my own way... embarrassing really but i am his baby after all! thats my excuse and im sticking to it lol.

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