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why do our heads play games with us??

You know what Susan, dietting is as much about mindstate as it is about what we put in our mouths. Isn't it funny how we do that to ourselves. I'm exactly the same, will have a pile of free food then feel guilty about it or question was it really free or should I really have eaten that particular food so close to weigh day etc.


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I think when eating becomes associated with guilt, which it often does if you've been overweight for a long time - especially if your family used to give you grief about it like mine did - it takes a while to change your habitual thinking. Even if you lose all your weight and get down to like 9-10 stone and look fabulous, and you're buying size 10 clothes, in your head, you still feel like that fat person for a long time. It's very hard to reset your thinking. You know that in reality fat-free yogurt and fruit is exactly what you should have been eating and you've not "blown it". So you need to let your logic overrule the habitual guilty feelings. It's a tough challenge sometimes!


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im pleased its not just me.lol.

i know what you mean minders ive gone from 16st size 20/22 to 10st size 10/12 and i still think of myself as i was its very hard sometimes, im working on it and my head will catch up at some point im sure.lol.
This is so true I have just got into size 14's and whilst shopping for the clothes and paying for them my head is saying "what you doing they wont fit you"....it really is a strang feeling especially when you get them home and they do fit!...x


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I quite like the fact my head doesn't get what's going on. I still feel dead naughty for stuff, even though I know it's free! It's like I get the treats without the weight gain!


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I agree with you Susan, If I have food choices left at the end of the day then I will have them, enjoy them, and then feel like I shouldn't really have had them...... And if I eat something like chicken wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheese with potatoes and veg I feel so naughty but it's all okay.
It's not just you who feels like this!!
I am so glad you started this thread as I was thinking it was just me!, its so funny because when I am not dieting and saying 'to hell with it' whatever I eat I don't have any guilty feelings about, but then once you start on a proper healthy eating plan, yes you do have these thoughts that eating something makes you feel guilty, when at one time a whole packet of biscuits in one go wouldn't make me even think twice, its so weird.

When I was at target before and a size 10-12, I used to go shopping for clothes and still be picking up 14's and 16's thinking that I wouldn't be able to get in anything smaller, even though they were too big for me, I'm just starting to be able to get some 12's on again which is a boost but still got a way to go yet

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