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Why do people say " you'll put it all back on"


Needs more willpower
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It is very disheartening when I tell people that I am on the Cambridge Diet and they something along the lines of " I know someone who did that but they ended putting it all back on" it makes me feel I am wasting my time! Is the success rate of keeping the weight off high? I would love to see some statistics. PinkyJ
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Its like any diet, its what you do when you come off it that determines whether the weight stays off. Its not the diets fault if we put it back on again. If you look around all the sections on Minimins youll see people whove lost loads and put it back on regardless of which diet it is.

I think when it comes to a VLCD most people dont fully understand what they are and probably think its not a safe way to do it.

Any diet thats followed properly be it CD/LL/WW/SW or whatever will help you lose weight but its up to us to keep it off :)
Hi hun how sad huh? well i dont have that problem as only me and my mummy know's.!
I say live your life and be happy in your choices, it is so possible to keep the weight off, once old habits do not return.!
Please do not feel you are wasting your time CD is the way forward.!

You will get there, 6.5 lbs in your first week is proof you can do it.x


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i am a cd returner. i gained 20lbs after my 1st attempt of cd. Not because the diet failed but becuase i did not complete it correctly. I finished the diet and thought i could go back to old habits and be fine....NO was the answer to that one. Since then i have returned, hit goal and have a whole different view on food. I will have the odd treat but its all about moderation, portion size and being 80% good 80% of the time.

Its the person who is doing the diet that will establish if you fail or succeed not the diet itself.

Dont listen to others hun as until they research they have no understanding. You will be a success and when you hit goal they will all want to know how they can join :)

Hope this makes sense,


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statistically, 5% actually keep the weight off....not becuase of the diet, but becuase as human's we never learn!

I'm exactly the same! Last year, i was a happy slim size 10, now, a year on, 14's are tight! Start on SS on sunday!
I think i will work out all out one day, but i am fat for a reason, i like me food...and that doesnt change....

That simply is why a) people say that all the time and b) the dieting industry is HUGE business....it makes money of perople failing!

Sad, but true



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I agree with Lizz :D

Tiny percentage keep it off. Ive seen it on here AND myself...you gotta follow the maintainance to the LETTER otherwise it ALL goes back on if your not careful.

Its a FAB diet dont get me wrong and its helped me shifts stones!!! but im not any further clued up about food as i was this time last year lol!

Weight watchers (for me) is THE only diet that truly teaches portion control. Thats my opinion. I'll go back to WW once im at goal again as i just dont like the steps on cambridge at all :( each to their own etc
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It's true that those who haven't done the research on a VLCD don't really understand it and think that if you lose it quickly, it'll return quickly too. If you move up through the plans, you should at least know how many calories a day you need to function and maintain, and also what weight feels 'right' for you - whether you choose to work within those limits is up to you, as it is following the end of any stuctured eating plan.
I did the steps up and know that I need around 1800 daily and over the summer have alternated between 1500 and going off plan for holidays and weekends away (where I have not left myself feeling deprived ;)) As a result, I have 10lb or so to get off BUT I've had a really good time and know that 10lb is well within reach. It's all about keeping a hold of it and doing something about it before any gain becomes too large.
I also find that the motivation to get off 10lb to get back to GOAL is far higher than my motivation used to be to get from, say, 16st 10lb to 16 stone as I know now what the rewards are.
Good luck with your journey

PS Hello Mrs E. hope you're well - have you been across the pond again lately?


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There's an old adage - if you do what you've always done, you get what you always got. In other words if you go back to old eating habits once you finish CD then of course you will put the weight on.

I know I'm guilty of this. It's my fault, not the diet's.



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Boardwitless HI :D :D

As it happens i come back from Florida 2 weeks ago spent quite a while out there and as such put lots of weight back on!! OOOOOPS!! ...but im trying hard as poss to get it back off... saying that...we're trying for another baby soon ...so.... may not be on CD for too much longer fingers crossed

Nice to see you posting and glad you're doing well with your weight x
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Mrs E. - I Love Florida but would find it practically impossible to watch my weight if I lived there as the food is so great (and so much of it). Good to know that you've had a great time and that you're in control (feels good doesn't it?)
Good luck with baby stuff ;)
As already said by others, it's because they don't understand. What is even more ignorant is when people on other diets say such things. If they can't understand that putting on weight is simply down to having too many calories per day, then they stand no chance of maintaining, unless they diet for the rest of their lives. Just ignore them and prove them wrong. ;)


Needs more willpower
S: 14st7lb C: 14st7lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanx for your opnions guys and gals :thankyou:


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I can totally see and understand why people end up putting the weight back on.

When I reach my goal weight I'll probably eat junk food for the first day and then go back to eating sensibly on my own (not cambridge diet maintanence).
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I guess it's all about the 80% rule - controlling what you eat for that amount of time and allowing yourself little treats when you've planned (or can cut back afterwards). I work with a girl who can do this automatically as if anyone brings goodies to work, she will have some and then have a smaller lunch to compensate. If we go out for a a meal, she also has the willpower to section her food off before she eats so that she will leave a few chips etc. on the side. I don't think I will ever get to that stage as I hate wasting food (and always want to eat the chips she's left :D)

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