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Why does CD provoke such negative reactions?

Why does CD provoke such negative reactions?

We had my husbands family round for a BBQ yesterday, as I am on the 810 plan i made sure I had my shakes before they came and then ate a healthy meal with them, they noticed I had lost weight and asked what diet I was doing.

Telling them about Cambridge diet was clearly a mistake as they launched into a list of negatives, too much weight loss to quickly, it's not healthy, you wont keep it off and give it two more weeks and you will give up.

I was slightly shocked by the response and now don't want to talk to anyone about my diet, I thought they would be pleased with my weight loss but clearly not!!!

They went on to say they are both on what they called 'proper diets' and have lost a 'normal' amount of 1lb a week.

At a loss....
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Laugh, love, live!
Honey you are doing fantastic and you really just have to feel a little bit sorry for people who give such a negative response. The problem is clearly theirs and not yours. Don't let it deter you cos when you are at goal and out buying lovely things to wear and looking fantastic, they will still be on their "proper" diets, losing a 1lb a week!! :)

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That's called jealousy hun!!!!! I think it's amusing how some people will try theire hardest to throw you off CD. This just makes me more determined. Luckily I haven't had too many conversations like that. I've had some but i just come back with a grea answer and that tends to shut them up!!!!! Ha! Good luck to them losing 1lb a week. You'll be at goal and maintaining by the time they get there, if they haven't given up on their diets.



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Hey hun, I had exactly the same thing when I started CD. Now almost 3 stone lighter, they are eating their words., and I have even been called a ***** by some work colleagues (in a nice way, honest), as I have proved all those doubters wrong.

Dont let anyone get you down while your on this journey. Its your journey and you alone can do it.

Keep coming on here and all the support you need will be here for you xxxx
I thought it might be jealousy but wanted to think the best of them! Thanks for the support, whenever I am down or have a wobble coming on here and seeing the success stories and kind words always makes me feel better.

I have to say I think Cambridge is the only diet where I haven't wanted to run into a cake shop and eat everything in sight from feeling deprived...


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Well done thats the spirit. You will be fine, and congratulations on your losses so far x


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I thought it might be jealousy but wanted to think the best of them!
Yeah. I tend to think that way too. I find they usually don't know anything about the diet and are just calling on what they know about more traditional diets.

Just a lack of understanding, annoying yeah, but it helps to find out loads about it so you can build up some good 'comebacks' ;)
Good idea KD - I had to laugh when they said that they were allowed bacon sarnies on their 'diet' and wondered why they only lose 1lb a week!


Gone fishing
Good idea KD - I had to laugh when they said that they were allowed bacon sarnies on their 'diet' and wondered why they only lose 1lb a week!
Tell them bacon butties aren't terribly healthy and health should be paramount when dieting ;)

After all, at least you know you are getting all the nutrition you need. Bet they aren't ;)
It's strange that people base how 'good' a diet is by how much 'cr*p' you can eat on it!

People assume that the diet must be impossible because all they know of it is that you don't eat regular food. They feel they couldn't do it and feel inferior, then knock down the person on the diet to feel better about themselves.

Bless them, they just lack knowledge about how good the diet is.
You are doing fantastically well x
People will *****. They are jealous that you are losing more than them, underneath they wish they were you. Take no notice of them, reach your target and next time you speak about it they'll of given up due to lack of motivation and bacon butties and you'll be where you wanna be. :)
People will always slag off what they dont understand.

When I first started this diet I used to have my shakes wherever I went, regardless of who i was with. Unfortunately it's got to the stage now where Im so sick of explaining the diet and trying to fight its corner that i have to have my shakes in private, as all the criticism just isnt worth it anymore!


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That's so unfair that you have to drink your shakes in private. Isn't it ridiculous that because of peoples lack of understanding and negativity that we should have to hide such a positive thing. You are right though it is totally down to not understanding how the diet works.

I have have had negative comments from various people I have told and have given up telling people that I am on it. I am lucky that the people who matter to me support what I am doing and that's all that matters.

Pumkinpudding keep at it they will soon eat their words and still be eating their bacon butties along with their extra pounds that they still havn't shed lol. Zoe x

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That's true Crazy....I do the same now unless I have no option but to have my shakes in front of people. I tend to have the bars in front of them or a yoghurt (I'm on 810). I try and eat as normally as I can in front of others cause i just don't want to have to keep explaining myself. have never mixed up a shake in front of anyone at work, always would do it alone and then appear with it after. Most people just think it's a protein shake then. Just can't wait to get to goal and learn to maintain xxx


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I decided not to tell anyone about my diet other than my husband as I know people do not understand and can be negative and hurtful. My mother thinks I am calorie counting and being too restrictive and keeps trying to feed me fruit and other random low cal foods. More so since I fainted at her house a few weeks ago.

I know she means well and is trying to look out for me and would go mad if she knew what diet I was on so what my mum and the other people in my life don't know serves me well.

I would not let the comments get to you, it's a tried and tested diet.

You are happy doing what you are doing so they can keep the bacon and you can loose the lbs in less than half the time with a smile on your face.


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I'm quite pleased that I haven't had to tell many people, just hasn't come up. Negative reactions wouldn't put me off but I just can't be bothered!! Enough to deal with just mum saying "oh, that is fast weight loss" etc etc... Surely this diet is healthier than being 6 stone overweight?!!
I havent told many people at all purely because it is none of their business!
It's amazing that these people criticize your weight problem then sabotage your efforts to defeat the weight issue. It actually makes me cross, therefore I don't tell people. I tend to have my CD meals at times where I am alone anyway, and if in company, I would have a bar.
Dpon't let them put you off, you are doing fabulously and as KD say's arm yourself with the knowledge then you can shoot them down in flames!


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You get that with LL as well. People ahve been convince dover the years that WW is the ONLY way to go.

Just remember they are concerned for your health. But also remember they know nothign about the diet.

I tend to not tell people about being on a VLCD, for the same reasons.
It's been interesting reading some of the replies on here that my experience is not alone.

I have been thinking it is jealousy that provokes the reactions but I also think this diet has a lot of misconceptions about it - personally I love it, it free's you up from thinking about food and now if I am feeling down I don't go to the chippy I read a book or have a bath.

I am also impressed by the support on here, along with my husband (who is constantly praising the weight loss and promised me some expensive shoes if I can get to my goal weight) it is really heartening to know that when you are down or receive negative comments there is somewhere to turn without going back to food.

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