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Why does my body seem to want to be big?

:( I had a baby 2 months ago and am full time breastfeeding, I've been following a very strict diet religiously for a little over 2 weeks and have stuck to it religiously. In fact I am quite hungry a lot of the time and haven't eaten much of anything. I have been exercising most days, either walking of on the mini trampoline. I ought to be shedding the pounds like nobody's business but I lost a few pounds to start with but it's already ground to a screeching halt at the start of only the third week and the measly two pounds I lost last meek have gone back on overnight for no apparent reason!

What am I doing wrong? I can't be this big, I just can't bear it, if the weight was coming off I could at least look forward to being slim again, but it's just so depressing. I can't possibly restrict my diet any further while breastfeeding without jeopardising my milk supply, I am already not eating dairy or wheat, cutting out most read meat and almost all cereals and eating only 3 small meals each day with one or two snack of fruit or soya yogurt. Somebody help me please, it seems so unfair! I don't know what else I can do, I would step up the exercise but I am exhausted from waking up 4 times a night with my hungry little boy.
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your body could be going into starvation mode especially while your breastfeeding it may be hanging onto everything you put in to give your baby the benefits

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My step mum just had a baby and she isn't losing the weight either, she is constantly hungry because of it. Not sure what that's about but you could try eating a bit more calories while doing the same thing are you are now and maybe you'll see a difference? Good luck, that must be a bit depressing :(
Thanks for the replies, I think maybe it has to do with breastfeeding. Some women are lucky and lose more weight while nursing but others find they stubbornly cling to extra weight until the baby is weaned. I may just have to settle for not getting any larger for now, eat healthily and concentrate on being a mom. I am really disappointed as I thought that with a really proper effort I would soon be skinny again but now I am having to tell myself it's not the be-all-and-end-all, as long as I eat a nutritious diet to make good milk for the baby and don't eat rubbish I at least shouldn't get any fatter.I don't want to become obsessed (easily done) and end up not having enough milk or not having good milk.


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If your diet has a free food list then eat anything from that, if you're always hungry then it shows you're not getting enough food, your metabolism slows and your body begins to wonder when it'll be fed next, so holds onto fat.

Also you could try eating smaller meals and more often, which will keep your metabolism ticking along nicely x

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