why does my toddler ....


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refuse all food and crave my shakes and soup...whilst I am drooling at the stuff he is refusing. Grass is always greener isn't it.

Know that one too....bars are only eaten at nap time. I've even tried making him a cupasoup and giving him a bar of his own, but it hasn't made any difference, my counsellor suggested drinking my soup to make him think it was coffee, but he can smell it, he was like the bisto kid...lol
yup, happens here too! I do drink my soup and Hannah (22 months old) points and says hot hot as she thinks it is a drink but still tries to grab the cup which she doesn't do if its only tea. I haven't tried to eat a bar in front of her yet but I know she would want it!

My problem is she is always trying to 'feed' me her food and is quite insistant, I end up having to let her put food in my mouth and spit it out when she isn't looking.