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Why doesn't my OH understand?!?!

He's got back from the shop with what I need to make dinner... and presents me with a cadbury's caramel... and he then looks all hurt when I tell him to remove it from under my nose immediately!!!

FFS!!! He knows I have 5/6 more stone to lose, he knows I really mean this and surely he must understand how hard this is?!?!?!

I have explained time and time again that if I want a treat then I will make that decision and I will choose how to do it so I feel in control. I hate it when he does this because it makes me feel so distant from him, it's like he has no idea what I am going through!!!

Feel like crap now and I am so close to going into the bin, retrieving the chocolate bar and eating the whole sodding thing! Why can't he find a way to show he loves me that doesn't involve f**king food?!?!?! In his eyes I'm still the fat bird I've always been... will he always see me that way?

I want to be viewed as more than just the s**t I stuff in my face!!!!

Ok rant over, going for a fag now... also going to open chocolate bar put it back in the bin and pour washing up liquid over it!!!!
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Oh poor you...have a hug:grouphugg:

Has he ever been overweight himself?? I'm guessing the answer to that is either:
A) No, so doesn't understand the constant battle
B) Yes...and is maybe jealous of your efforts?

Either way, don't let him spoil all your hard work. Why not speak rationally to him and just maybe ask him to call you when he's getting you a treat so you can give him a better idea of what to get (curly wurly...fudge etc).

If its any consolation, my OH keeps coming home with bottles of wine!!!:eek::party0036:

No he's never been over weight, he's a builder so he can eat whatever he wants and still stay thin as a rake.

I ate half the chocolate bar, I suck!!!
No he's never been over weight, he's a builder so he can eat whatever he wants and still stay thin as a rake.

I ate half the chocolate bar, I suck!!!
You do NOT suck!!! You had half a chocolate bar...better than a whole one...and you've exercised today so why shouldn't you?

Still better than the bottle of wine I intend to imbibe later hun!!:D
Thanks guys, send a glass my way bumblebum!

It was a caramel... my fav... he's such a bumhead!!!
At least he didn't buy me a box... that would have been grounds for dumping him!!!
mine was the same way! He would try his best bringing home food and trying to make me feel guilty by saying i was starving myself ect when i wasnt! He wasnt supportive at all...still isnt..Im not sure if its your case but it was for mine he was worried i would lose weight and leave him..plain and simple..Just continue to stand your ground and try your best explaining where your coming from. Its your body make it the way you want it not the way other people do. Goodluck hun!
When ever i had put on a couple of lbs in my skinny days and decided I wanted it off you could guarantee my (now ex) fella would come home with one of 2 things and occasionally both. Garlic bread and trifle...they really are my biggest weaknesses. His sabotage attempts were deliberate, he was a control freak.

And relax about the chocolate, work out what went in and what went out via exercise and chances are youre still down on calories. Beating yourself up about it is whats likely to do the damage. I think your other half just doesn't get how determined you are and how he can eat them to his hearts desire but you're refusing just 1.

Anyone that has never had a weight problem just doesn't seem to get it. I know I was guilty of it a few years back, my sister was doing SW and had lost 4 stone and I just didn't get why she couldn't eat a meal with me when she came for her once yearly visit, I was probably quite pushy about it, I can remember feeling really miffed....feel bad about it now.

Point to a saucy outfit in the Ann Summers and say thats what you want when you get to your goal, I reckon that will see him be more encouraging lol