why has it stopped working??

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  1. marycontrary

    marycontrary Member

    I've done atkins before successfully years ago and started again in January. I've lost a stone but that really was in the first few weeks but for the last few weeks there's been little or no weight loss altho I'm still sticking to it. A normal day would be a tin of tuna with salad for lunch and an atkins meal from the cookbook for dinner. No milk, lots of herbal teas and maybe a glass of wine in the evening. Does anyone know why the weight loss has stopped? There seems little point me denying myself some of the things I love if I'm not going to lose weight :-(
    Thanks in advance
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  3. letsgetlosing

    letsgetlosing Full Member

    Are you eating enough? Your food intake seems tiny and you know that your body will cling onto itself if it panics that you are not giving it enough to live. I have only just come back to Atkins after a while away but just finished the book again and can make sense from the science about the amount of fat we can eat.
  4. losingit

    losingit Silver Member

    Definitely need to eat more i'd say (at a guess), particularly fats. Either that or it's the wine stalling you. Tuna salad, unless you are loading it with mayo, has next to zero fat in it and the fat part of the diet is so important - maybe try adding something like salami (check carb count!) or chicken legs to your lunch too. Are you eating breakfast? If not then i think you should try to. What are you denying yourself that you love? Are there any low carb alternatives to these things you can try?
  5. marycontrary

    marycontrary Member

    I did wonder if I wasn't eating enough altho the salads are quite large and I do add mayo. Yes breakfast is an issue, don't have time before work and could have at my desk but apart from cheese and eggs I'm not sure what I could add. Hadn't thought of the fat thing being an issue, I don't have a huge amount thinking about it but didn't realise it was such a big issue. Maybe I need to go back to basics......
  6. marycontrary

    marycontrary Member

    PS my main loves are rice and noodles!!!!!! Not sure there are any alternatives
  7. hondapeeps

    hondapeeps Gold Member

    Have you seen that water stuff....Eatwater pasta rice stuff? Not tried it but there was a thread on here about it.

    Plus everything that's already been said sounds right.

    Maybe make some cream cheese muffin things and keep them for breakie in the run so you don't have to think about it? ;)
  8. europabug

    europabug Full Member

    Cauliflour rice is a decent rice substitute and really good for you. celeriac boiled and mashed with a hand blender, makes a great and satisfying potato substitute. my favorite at the moment is cottage pie made with celariac instead of mash. i always lose weight with it, i think it might be bacause it is very filling but has not got many carbs or fat if you buy lean! btw this may not be acceptable for atkins, i only limit my carbs to about 60g a day.

    Try snacking on little bits throughout the day, it not only stops you getting hungry, it can increase your matabolism. Also are you drinking plenty of water?

    Bug X
  9. europabug

    europabug Full Member

    There is also a noodle substitute on low carb megastore that has 0 carbs. i have tried it in stir frys and it is pretty good!!
  10. hondapeeps

    hondapeeps Gold Member

    Bug, is that that eat water stuff?

  11. msrsimpkin

    msrsimpkin Flubber Buster

    In a word, yes. LowCarbMegastore sells shirataki noodles, just like you can buy in asian markets, which are made from just water and soluble fibre.

    The noodles and pasta from EatWater are also made from only water and soluble fibre. So, I'm going to assume that EatWater are just selling overpriced shirataki noodles! Hehe

    Which, before I leant this, I shelled out for, and never recieved :( I'll be sticking with my local asain market for my cheap zero noodles from now on.
  12. marycontrary

    marycontrary Member

    thanx guys i hadnt heard of the noodles, sounds like something i should try. i also havent trief the cauliflower or celeriac options so i've got a few options. muffins for breakfast sound heavenly! thanx again everyone
  13. losingit

    losingit Silver Member

    I ordered EatWater products. They were underwhelming, very expensive, and had bad customer service. They tasted OK i suppose, they were edible, just a bit rubbery tasting and not something i'm going to pull out my cupboard again unless i'm really desperate for something carby. I'd just do what msrsimpkin says above, much cheaper and easier. The claims about making you feel full aren't exactly correct, they made me feel full for all of 10 minutes, your body has a way of knowing when you have eaten something that isn't substantial, and was just crying out for 'real food' - i could feel my stomach going "and what do you think this is? how are we meant to survive on this!"
  14. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    Try having the noodles with a good sauce? I'm not on Atkins but I have mine with ragu pasta sauce and you guys could have cheese sauces so it feels substantial?
  15. hondapeeps

    hondapeeps Gold Member

    Are the noodles not a bit like glass noodles anyway and fairly tasteless? Glass noodles always need a load of flavour added to them. ;)
  16. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    A lot like glass / rice noodles but a bit chewier.
  17. europabug

    europabug Full Member

    Yeah, they do really need a decent sauce. i usually stir fry up LOADS of veg in oil first then take it out and cook diced chicken or prawns in the same way. throw it all in together and add a sauce of your choice, a peanut satay one is ok for carbs. add the shitake noodles and an egg and cook it all up into a lovely gooey heap!
  18. marycontrary

    marycontrary Member

    oooooh I didn't realise a satay sauce would be ok and hadn't thought of stir fry! i'll add that to my repertoire. anyhow got on the scales this morning abd had lost 3lb, Woohoo an unexpected bonus. Thankyou for all of your encouragement :)
  19. Alpaca

    Alpaca Gold Member

    Well done Mary! Xx
  20. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Good news on 3lb. Keep it up;)
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