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Why have i not lost weight?

ive been keeping track of what i eat.so weigh in was thurs night.since then ive had.
FRI-bran flakes - mugshot ?(2 1/2 syns)-jacket spud,tuna,sweetcorn
SAT-bran flakes-chicken-jacket spud,tuna,sweetcorn
SUN-bran flakes -mugshot (2 1/2 syns)-salad
MON-bran flakes-mugshot+4 crabsticks-new potatoes,mushy peas,cod fillet.

Today so far had my bran flakes..no star week..only change this week is upped my water intake and been on wii ;(
So it's not your WI until Thursday? You'll find out whether your've lost on Thursday or not!!
I do think though, that you need a bit more variety in your food. There's not too much fruit and veg there and hardly any superfree foods (eg fruit and veg, not including sweetcorn, peas and potatoes).
Variety is the key for sure.
Getting weighed mid week is never a good idea and yes we have all had this happen to us!
Not enough speed/superspeed foods?
Not enough superfree? (Sweetcorn and peas are only free).
You don't say if you are on Green/Red/EE - you definitely would need some superfree for EE - but would be good to have more for either plan really.
Not enough variety? (if i were a body being fed branflakes and mugshots everyday I'd get bored and lethargic and far too lazy to be burning off fat!!!)
Where's your fruit and veg, 5 a day etc?

Also, we dont have a lot of info to go on. How long have you been doing this? Is this your first week, or are you just coming to a plateau having done SW for a while? Are you jumping on non slimming world scales mid week that probably dont align with class scales - or checking at a different time of day when your body weight can fluctuate for all manner of reasons?

You really do need to eat some fruit and veg.
Well its only 2 days away cant see much changing just weighed myself this morning..im obsessed with weighing!

Ive lost 1 stone 7lb with them so far since 15th april...but i did have a blip where i maintained for about 4 week as i lost motivtaion now imback on track again with my 1st week i havent lost so far anyway


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I presumed from your food diary your doing EE? If so you really need to include some super free food, a 3rd of your plate should be superfree. You don't look like you eat very much so your body maybe going into starvation mode and holding on to everything.
I agree with JaYlou you shouldn't really weigh yourself mid week whatever the result it can throw you off track EG oh I've lost x amount already I can have a little treat or oh no I've not lost might as well not bother for rest of week.
The only superfree I can see in 4 days of food is salad. It's not enough! As the others have said, a third of your plate for each meal should be superfree.
And things can change in 2 days but it's up to you if you weigh daily or mid week.
Thing is yea ive been doing it for a while and i have lost weight...but did fluctuate for about 4 weeks...i weigh myself in a morning when i first get up ..best time of day...my scales are always accurate to sw ones.

I get weighed in the evening at sw.

Maybe i do need to add more ss foods just scared to eat to much orof the wrong things withme being off track with it for past 4 week


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Don't be scared get your books out and have a refresh on the plan. You'll feel so much better when your following it properly and eating plenty and then the loses will follow. Good luck hun. xx
You also need to not weigh yourself at home hun, just weigh once a week at class otherwise your WI's will never be accurate. I think you need more speed foods, a good 2lb fluid intake a day and more variety of food. It doest look like you are eating enough to me mate x
Maybe i do need to add more ss foods just scared to eat to much orof the wrong things withme being off track with it for past 4 week
SS foods = right foods

Mugshots are rubbish! Eat lot of yummy superfree and superspeed foods. Get that fruit and veg inside you and drink plenty of water. ;) The weight will come off.
I am sure you are not eating anywhere near enough food or enough variation. i have mug shots for a snack not a meal!!!! I find the more i eat i more i lose and during the day at work i take loads of free bits to nibble on.
Hi Sue

I know just how you're feeling. I too have had a really good week, food optimised 100% and I've STS. I even stared keeping a food diary on here and thought that it was really helping. Feel pretty demotivated but I know that I've got to stick to it this week (rather than go off plan and eat chocolate which is what I feel like doing) and I should see a lose of the scales next week.

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