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Why i am an idiot...


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I've just started WW again for the umpteenth time. I'm not even going to say "this time I'm determined this is it" etc because I know how many times before I have said that. What I do know is that I'm trying to conceive so I have REAL incentive and a partner who is doing it with me.

The reason why I'm stupid? Because if I really think about it the reason I started to gain weight badly was when I was about 16 because I felt huge anyway. Looking back I wasn't. I was around 13 and a half stone - which i know is big for 5 foot 4- for a long long time and yo yo dieted but never went beyond that. I did Cambridge a few years ago and lost 19lbs, then put it back on again.

My friend just joined slimming world the other day, she's 12 stone. I never saw her as being big, ever. It just made me think FFS I was only a little heavier than her at might lightest after Cambridge.

I guess part of the thing is that my body shape must naturally be quite petite because at 12 I felt huge still. Saying that I am now 5 stone heavier (I know! :,( ) and my clothes aren't even that much bigger. So much for 1 stone per clothing size!

So basically I'm an idiot if I'd just thought to myself as a size 14 16 year old " you're not that big..!! " I probably never would have gained it all... Stupid hey
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This is so true. I remember being so upset about being 11st 2lb and thought i was massive :D As teenagers we could never be pleased. Seriously some of the ones these days have a breakdown if there size 8's dont fit :D


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And thinking about it, back when I attended Ww when I was 13 ish stone, I always thought I was the biggest person there.. But realistically I can't have been! Gawd..


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I used to weight 22 st so now I'm 14st 10lbs I feel tiny lol,still have a long way to go but happy to take it steady x


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Tell me about it I'm 5'7 and when I was 10st 3lbs I thought I wa fat now I'm 14!! Eugh


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I can totally relate to that. I have always been big but in 2008 I decided to do something about it determined that at 17st I was NEVER going to be that big again. After spending the last 4 years messing about on SW, LT, Exante to name but a few I am now 3.5 stones heavier. If I had just picked WW then, stuck to it and not constantly looked for the easy fix I would be at goal right now. But hey, like another poster said, we're not stupid hun just human :rolleyes:


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Why Is it that post falling off the wagon you ALWAYS seem to put more weight on than you started with? It is stupid..! And for that reason I was half tempted to try something like xenical.. However when I saw my doctor most recently he said I'd have to stick with diet and exercise whilst trying to conceive


Hi catkins..your story is identical ti mine...when i was merely a chubby teenager in size 14-16 clothes i felt obese at five ft 3( or 4 depending on if i stand straight).i felt obese, now i am at 20 stone and at 40 yrs of age...at least you have few years youth on me lol...loadsa luck to u both ...*


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Good luck with your weigh in! God knows what I'm going to do as I keep having to work late so I can't get weighed!!


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Hi Catkins, try not to look back too much and instead focus on the future. No matter what happened in the past you are going to eat healthly, lose weight and get to a size you're happy with!

I'm similar to you, TTC whilst also trying to lose a bit of weight. I like to look at it this way - If I had a child, I'd want it to eat as healthy as possible, and if I was preggers I'd want to eat as healthy as possible to give it the best start in life. So I like to think I'm eating now as if I was pregnant. It does make it a lot easier. It's not about losing weight anymore, it's about being healthier :D


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Yeh exactly and it's weird because I feel like this is normal.. Temptations aren't really an issue in this mind set and it feels almost easy apart from having to be a bit more organised meal wise.... I hope it stays like this and that as my points allowance gradually decreases it stays this easy......

I guess i am just angry at myself as I used to look at people and think how do they get to that stage, or 17st?!!! How could anyone get that massive.. And yet here I am......


Hey Catkins!!!

Welcome, I started this week too and am in a similar situation at the heaviest I have ever been (nearly 17 stone), my long term aim is also to have babies!

I was also about 10 and a half to 11 stone when I was about 18 but thought I was massive. Can't believe it now! Look back wistfully!

I have tried nearly every fad going and despite that got heavier year on year so this is it! 2012 is my year :) I will be a healthy weight. HURRAH!

Heres to weight loss success :)