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Why is fruit pointed on Discover?

Hi everyone,

I am very confused as to why fruit is pointed on Discovery but zero on Pro-points?

I was under the impression that pro-points totalled discovery pretty much once dailies and weeklies when taken into account?

Does anyone on Discovery have fruit and not point it? If honest I am not a big fruit eater, more of a veg gal! But begrudge pointing was little I eat when I could be using that for a little treat instead! LOL.


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Because fruit has sugar in it, albeit naturally occuring sugar but sugar all the same. And sugar equals calories! Thats why i cant understand why pp its free- its not free at all!! lol

Well im just biased because i love discovery!


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Fruit has points on discovery because of its sugar/calorie content. Because discovery is based on sat fat and calories, all fruit has a points value.

When weight watchers were making a new plan they found that a lot of members were opting for unhealthy choices, i.e. chocolate bars instead of healthy options i.e.banana because the points values were similar. To change this, they introduced propoints which takes into account Fat, Protein, Fibre and Carbs in a food before determining its points value. When they came up with the plan they wanted to make foods that are better for you as lower points than foods that aren't better for you. The reason fruit is free is so that you are encouraged to include it in your diet without thinking you could use the points on something else. They take into account an average of the calories you would eat in a day before telling you your daily points allowance.

Although fruit is 0pps, weight watchers leaders advise that you should eat until your full and not eat loads and loads of fruit. Having fruit free makes it easier to have your 5 a day :)

Hope this helps x


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Pretty much echo what "Laura b 05" says..

ALL FOOD has calories... even veggies. Both plans have encorporated these then given you a daily allowance of pointed things on top of your veg.

The idea is you shouldn't be eating an insane amount of fruit in your diet (like 10+ in one day) because not only has it lots of calories, its not very good for your insides to eat too much.

The onus is really on you to eat any free food sensibly on both plans.


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Thanks girls. That made interesting reading as I'm on the original points and was a bit confused about pp. But that all makes sense now and it even seems to be logical too
How are u all doing with ure losses?
glad that helped!

I'm doing good with my losses, I've lost 4st 8lbs :D

I started on discovery in August last year and I loved it, I was very reluctant to do propoints, why change something thats already working!? However, I help at a class so I thought it would be easier to advise people if i was doing the same plan as them. Now that I'm in the swing of propoints, I prefer it! Soooo much more flexible im my opinion and healthier :) xx
well yeah exactly! Plus my wedding is a month 2moro! So i'm really focussed on fitting into THE dress :) x


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They are free on both plans as they are low in carbs.
not all veg is free you have to point peas and sweetcorn on both plans, just wanna add that in in case the member wanted to know about all veg and not just the 3 items listed lol :)
Thanks girls. That made interesting reading as I'm on the original points and was a bit confused about pp. But that all makes sense now and it even seems to be logical too
How are u all doing with ure losses?
Besides, with propoints there's no half points. hence, some things would be 2pp for one but 5pp for 2 and so on. When they worked out the allowance, they took even this into account and the half points lost in "translations" help keeping fruit free, if it makes sense.

Besides, fruit contains sugar, but simple sugar. It's a simple carbohydrate with a lot of insoluble fibres as well. Insoluble fibres are "empty" calories that are not absorbed by your body but are expelled straight away. fruit is also very rich in water (for example strawberries and etc are VERY rich in water!). Hence, their level of GI is very low. Fruit fills you up very quickly and ferments in your stomach and gives you a sense of satiety and blows you up a bit, stopping you from eating more.

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