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Why is having the cold making me put on weight?!!!

I came down with a horrible cold on tuesday....courtesy of my 2 year old!!!

Been taking beechams all in one (20mls every 4 hours) and just following the diet plan as normal, probably drinking more fluids than i normally would (mainly water or hot squash). Still went to the gym on wed night as usual...tho it was a struggle!!

I feel disgusting and all horrible. Weighed myself this morning before i got in the shower...and ive GAINED 1.5lbs since i weighed on monday.

WHY?!! Does that stupid cold medicine have a million syns per 20mls?!!! I cant not take it...i have to get through the day at work!! xxx
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don't worry too much, it may just be that your body is holding onto everything and more because you are unwell, i was the same last week, i felt shocking and was taking medicines etc and i didn't have a good result either but i knew i had been on plan. everything will go back to normal when were feeling better and our bodys got bk to normal. feel better soon :) x


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each day tiny changes in your body adjusting your weight by 2lb over a day

you have weighed only 5 days aftr last as well so that could make it inacurate too
Thanks girls :) Not going to weigh until monday morning again and hopefully this cold will of started to bugger off. Going to try to go to the gym tonight but i dunno if that will happen as i feel shocking!!!! How i wish i was a toddler....a dose of calpol and shes bright as a button....where as me....urgh!!! xx


bye bye baby tummy
I wouldnt hit the gym tbh

I had the flu and did a turbo jam workout not only was it 100% more harder i felt so much worse after it

rest is the best thing for shaking off bugs
I agree. It is well proven that having a horrible cold actually puts strain on your heart and the medical advice is to stay in bed and just get yourself well! Going to the gym when you feel so unwell is probably not a good idea - it's unlikely you'll be able to do your workouts properly, and you are pushing your poor body which is unwell and needs to recover. Stay in bed, rest and focus on getting well again :)
Well i took your advice ladies and gave the gym a miss. By 3pm i was pratically dying at work...i was so ill. I couldnt breathe, my head was spinning and i lost my voice. Went and picked up my daughter at 6 and came straight home and havent moved from my little "nest" on the sofa (ie a blanket!) aside from to make tea and put my daughter to bed!!

I wanted to "syn" the beechams medicine but there was no calorie content on it so i didnt know! I was trying to allow 1 syn for it tho.

its so unfair medicine has syns!!! Cruel!!! xxx


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It's perfectly fine to exercise if all your symptoms are above the neck but not if you have any below there. So being bunged up with a cold you can still work out but if you are chesty or have aches and pains in the limbs I wouldn't advise it.
syn free lemsip

3/4 mug diet lemonade.
Heat in microwave .
add pain killer eg paracetamol/soluble aspirin.

Sip and enjoy.
Don't overfill the mug as the liquid will fizz and rise when you add the tablet/s and you could burn yourself. Don't worry it tastes fine. The lemonade isn't fizzy once it settles. Just make sure your within your daily quota of tablets though!
Hope you feel better soon.


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I wouldn't worry about a gain if I were you, it's probably just a normal fluctuation, I doubt having a few sachets of lemsip would cause a weight gain like that. To gain 1lb of fat you have to eat an additional 3500 calories ON TOP of what you normally eat. So it won't be a "gain" gain, more just a water/fluctuation thing.
Thank you :) and thank you for that lemsip recipe, defo going to try that!! I'm
Slowly starting to improve, still feel achy and bunged up but slightly better. Hope the scales are kind on Monday!!!xx
Weighed myself this morning...11 stone 3lbs. So 1lb off my original weight....so that gain midweek apparently was nothing other than illness bloating! Phew!

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