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Why is it so hard?


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Ok, so on this diet I can eat 2 weetabix with milk and sweetner for breakfast, a mid morning snack of fruit and jacket potato with beans and cheese followed by a yoghurt for lunch. In the afternoon I can eat a mug shot or toast or more fruit. For dinner I can eat a bean chilli with endless rice or bowls full of pasta with a tomato sauce or vegetable lasagne. Then I could have a bar of chocolate - an aero mint maybe. yum yum.

That's a decent amount of food and it doesn't seem like a diet. That's normal food that non-dieters might eat everyday. I can have chocolate every day. Doing this means I would lose weight. For a whole number of reasons losing weight is what I want.

So why can't I do it? Why does it seem so hard?

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Its about whether the head is in the game or not... everyone on this site struggles probably one of the reasons we are all on diets... regardless of what we call them. I used to keep my weightloss in lard in the fridge, then I went out and bought treats ignoring the fridge...
So having done the food replacement thing loving a diet that i can eat carbs on.... being inventive and eating different food is key.

You have the motivation..... just don't let moments that pass hold you up!


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I totally agree. I have done Lipotrim in the past and thinking I need a couple of days back on that to make me realise how much food you can enjoy on SW.
Been trying to get back on CD for a few months now the problem was After losing 6 stone I had no self image and also knew could get 10lb off in a week or two.... so then did the yoyo thing then got too busy having fun eating and drinking to Sole source so then 3 stone up something had to be done. Tried CD again but kept passing out so now on SW and am two weeks in... lost 5 1/2 last week wi tomoro but had a major blow out last night.... feel so rough today and have eaten 4 alpen lights to try and curb the choc/fry cravings.


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Sounds like you have been on quite a journey. I think the TFR are so tough and I really admire anyone who manages to stick to it. I know what you mean about the losing 10lbs in a week thing! However, TFR are not something for life whereas SW could be. It works - I have lost 4 stone on it before but put 3 stone back on after having 2 babies in 15 mths.

I think everyone has blow outs and to a certain extent they do you no harm providing the majority of the time you stick to it.

Good luck for tomorow - I'm sure you will have done well if last night was your only flaw!

Cheers.... yeah my only slip apart from last night I had one small weightwatchers rose spritzer as my only syn value this week.

Heres hopin I have a suit I need to get into for work on the 13th...


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I'm sure you will be fine. Don't forget tho your syns are there to be used. Some people swear that you need to use at least 5 a day to ensure weight loss. Not so sure myself as surely the less calories you consume the better? But I certainly know that I can have 15 a day and still lose weight. Just don't want you to be unnecessarily depriving yourself!

I'm back to work in Nov after year off with my babies and have absolutley no clothes to wear and can't afford to buy anything new so have to lose half stone before then...

At least you have the excuse of babies. By the end of October we should both be looking a heck of a lot better at work!

I don't feel deprived at the moment, its not that I wont use them its just I havent felt the need to as yet.... still in the high motivation phase.
lol Once I get it out of my system I am fine and i had a huge choc blowout on my first weekend on SW so thats done with. Its the wine, gin, shots that kill me!

I Love a diet that allows me to have cheesy chips for dinner! I never thought I would ever say that I am getting bored of chips though! Have used an entire jar of cajun seasoning this week lol


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It's funny, everyone has their vices. Alcohol doesn't bother me at all. In fact I havn't touched it since getting pregnant with my son in Jan 06. I was still breastfeeding my son when I got pg with my daughter and then breastfeed her for 6 mths and now have forgetten the joys of drink. Lets face it, with two young kids I don't want a hangover in the morning and having not touched it for so long a sniff of wine and I'd be anybody's - oh my husband should be so lucky! x
lol.... mayb that would be my cure... pregancy... think I would rather join AA

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