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Why is my hair falling out like mad?!?!?

Hello Mrs, sorry to hear about your hair.

It's not happened to me, possibly because I've been losing weight relatively slowly (it's taken me about two months to lose a stone).

I remember reading recently about how it was a common side effect for people doing Lighter Life, which is one of the really low-calorie diets where some people with a very high BMI lose huge amounts like 10 or 11 pounds in the first WEEK!

Having had a bit of look around on the internet, it seems to be common generally for people losing weight rapidly, although I'm not sure if anyone has a definitive reason as to why it should happen.

The bad news is that it seems you can't do much about it, but the good news is that it seems to be temporary so it should come back. Is it really loads you're losing? It sounds miserable.


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Hair loss is common in VLCD's but should not be a side effect of SF. Are you having a decent balanced meal and the 3 snacks? SF should not be used as a TFR as it's not nutritionally complete
Not sure why... speak to ur hairdresser about a shampoo which may help. Kerastase have a good range...
Thanks for all your help.....
In answer to some of the questions Im doing SF properly in fact some days Im probably having more calories than they say....but Im still loosing weight ..which is good ...maybe my body is just shedding the winter coat lol it when really long and thick in the summer.... Ive been dieting since August and Ive lost 3 stone 1lb so far... I guess we will see what happens. Im going to the hairdressers ths week to get it cut hopefully make me feel better if its no so long and rat tail like lol


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Mine is really long and thick and I get handfuls come out everyday. I don't have any patches of loss though as it's just malting rather than loss


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I wouldnt know if SF has made my hair fall out as i always lose alot of hair on a daily basis though to look at my hair you wouldnt think it (i have so much of it ).

Anyway i hope the hair loss isnt bothering you that much, your doing fantastic on your diet so far and im sure the loss is only temporary if not a seasonal malt :)

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