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why is..??

im sure homemade wholemeal bread could be used as hexb as 52g of any wholemeal bread is a hexb
im making sw syn free pancakes on tuesday you can make wholemeal pancakes but they would be syned
i didnt think any flour was a healthy extra wholemeal flour 4.5 syns for 28 grams

1 Egg
3 tbsp Sweetner
Vanilla Essence


Separate an egg into two bowls - white and yolk.

Whisk the white and add 3 tsp sweetner (or to taste), whisking til white and meringue-ish
Add some vanilla essence to the yolk.

Add the yolk to the white and fold together - this is your batter.

Frylight a pan and add all of the batter, spreading it gently with the back of a spoon.

Be gentle - this pancake is fragile! leave completely alone until you can slide a fish slice (etc) underneath, carefully turn it over to cook the second side. again, leave it alone until done, then lift it out onto your plate and add your toppings and enjoy!

i copied the recipie from slimming world support on facebook
but thats what I am asking I dont understand how wholemeal flour is Syned when bread with prob more crap in it it HEB????? Im confused I know Tesco granary flour has been syn free classified according to this forum, if this is the case then we could make syn free pancakes with this flour and use milk as HEA or even water.
Im not sure ive searched the healthy extras on slimming world website and its not on there i would maybe phone them and ask as it's an ingredient it would depend on how much you are using aswell.
Thank you so much for the pancake recipe Natasha. You are a star! :)

Melon - I have not heard of any syn free flour tbh. The probable reason for flour not being a hexb will be something to do with energy density, ease of consumption etc. Best ask SW for clarification or just take the syns hit and enjoy :)
me to lol i always thought that all flour was synned thats what ive read and been told. Most HEXB's are 6.5 - 7 syns i think so i suppose if you could work out how much to make these syns it would be fine but dont take my word for it, but i wouldnt go for granary as granary bread is synned because of the seeds do you have a link to the thread it was on ?
What I am saying is that what id the difference in me making my own wholemeal bread using as HE to buying bread and using as HE?
i think someone said higher up the thread that this was ok in response to me saying I did it anyway.

I think the pancake/yorkie issue is that you would not get the same mileage out of the flour as when it is made into bread. For example, when I make wholemeal bread rolls, I use approx 28g of flour in each roll. The dough then rises to at least double the volume.

Using flour in a pancake would make something as flat as...erm...a pancake. Don't know about you, but I can inhale several pancakes in one sitting. The bread is more filling so maybe that is why it is classed as a hex. I dunno. Best ask the powers that be at SW.

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