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Extra Easy Why isn't it working??


likes to eat!

Evening ladies, I need help!

I have stuck to the plan 100% this week, done loads of working out, had maybe 8-9 syns per day and I have lost 0.5 pounds, the same the week before. I don't think I can try any harder, my C has asked me to do a food diary for her to look at next week which I will do and see how I go, I am going to start doing the food diary on here too, and get some feeback off you lovely ladies, I might be doing something really obviously wrong!!

*Sigh* I just wanna be a size 10!!!

Emma xxx
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1stly, well done for losing the half pound!! its better to lose that than stay the same right??

your consultant will definately be able to help once she has seen your food diary and your more than welcome to submit your diary here too!

i'm more of a red day green day girl as i like my HEX's too much tho i tend to use EE when i need to rather than sabotage my plan e.g going for an indian so i'd have chicken and rice or kebabs

and why the hurry? lose it steadily and enjoy losing it hun your more likely to keep it off that way!! xxx


likes to eat!
Thanks for the reply, my consultant did suggest trying some red days as well as EE to give me a boost, so I am going to get my books out tomorrow and see what I need to do. Fingers crossed!!
It is working, you have lost weight, if it wasnt working you would of lost nothing.

I think we will be able to advise more if we can see a weekly food diary or even a couple of days worth, that way we can offer you some advise on little changes etc you can make to try and boost your loss a little.

Don't feel too disheartened, the main thing is the weight is coming off.


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I agree, a loss is a loss so give yourself a pat on the back. You say that you've been working out a lot. Are you new to exercise? If so then it may be less than you expected because you are retaining water. Don't give up - our bodies are not machines and they don't know that they are expected to lose every week in time for a particular day and time.


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And when you are snacking (fruit/yog etc) are you eating it becasue you're hungry or because you like it? Thats what my mum was told when she struggled for a couple of weeks. Only eat if you are hungry

Mrs V

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I find that EE doesnt work for me either Hun, so you are not alone. I used to be a strictly Red and Green Day girl and gave EE a try, even giving my food diaries to my Consultant, but the result was either a sts, or a loss of 0.5.
I now stick to around 5 days Red and 2 days EE (mixed up during the week) and that seems to help.
Have a look at the other food diaries on here for some ideas too if you can.

Good luck.



likes to eat!
Thanks everybody, a know a loss is a loss I was just a bit fed up last night after WI, am feeling much more positive today, going to create a food diary on here and write it down at home too, going to stick with EE this week and see how it goes, then I know I have given it a good few weeks, then if I have no joy next WI I will mix it up a bit :) Jen3 I do seem to snakc for the sake of it as I am trying to fit in superfoods and what not, I will try that and only eat when hungry, see if that works too, thanks for all the tips girls xx


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A friend of mine exercised like mad and wasnt losing weight but was losing inches and then she complained to her trainer and he said part of the problem was that she wasnt drinking enough fluids during and after her exercise and also it was important that she ate something afterwards and maybe a banana before her exercise. To stop her body going into starvation mode. Because if you burn too many calories than what yur taking in your body will hoarde your fat. So she started to have a banana and apple before exercise and increased her fluid intake during and after and then she always timed it so that she had her lunch afterwards. She started to lose weight again. His theory from the things I have read, does hold water.


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are you drinking enough?

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