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today would have been the start of day 8 for me, and after doing so well over the new years and not givin into temptation, I blew it all last night! I ate, a sandwich, mars bar and chinese! All the while knowing it was wrong but still ramming it down my fat gob faster than I could say takeaway!:mad:

I felt wrotten and down with myself all night and I had the stomach upset from hell all night! :cry: I wowed through the night that I would get back on track today (which I have) and swear am on this til the remaining 3 week which I intitially intended then refeed before dublin!

Althought I cheated yest, I do think it made me realise that I want to stick with it and am just putting last night behind me and trying to forget about it and focus getting back into ketosis, I know these next few days will be hard and even more so with being back in at work.

Anyway - heres to lipotrim...again!
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you have the right attitude hun and have drawn a line .keep posting so we can help you through the hard times xxxx
Thanks ladies! Today should have been my weigh in but I had always planned to wait until the sat morning, so just as well really! I know I'll have gained a few lbs of fluid with teh carb intake but fingers crossed I can undo the damage these next couple of days. I am honestly more determined as I realise that what I ate, wasna even that FINE! Its more the thought of it! Thanks again ladies!
testing to see if my first goal ticker is working!
Actually, I think I have changed my mind about waiting til Sat before weigh in, maybe I should just go today?! Get it over and done with!
Hey, Dont get weighed today. All that water that has built up from eating is still in your system, it will take a few days to clear. I ate over xmas put on 7lbs!!! the day after i went back on lipotrim i lost 7lbs!!! So if you go today it wont be an accurate weight... I think....
Oh right, ok, great advice, I prob should wait til tomorrow or Sat then. Thanks. Fingers crossed it comes off fast..x
Hello Pineapple
Just read your post there, Don't worry too much - you are back on track again now and it will not take long to get the carbs from your system and back into ketosis again and when you think of what you have accomplished so far you know there is no problem of you continuing.

I'm two days behind you and am constantly aware of the temptation around me - there are times I have licked my fingers when preparing food for others (how disgusting nobody should ever eat at my house) and I am sure I have done it deliberately. I am so afraid of going into that kinda blind eating panic where I don't think I just eat, it is never too far away from me.

Good luck anyway.
Mrs C
you say WOULD of been the start of day 8 and i know you purely mean for ss'ing but in theory it still IS the start of day 8 as you havent finished or come off the diet....put that behind you and keep moving forward!!

WELL DONE on not giving up!
Thanks, your so right, I have not given up and I am now starting day 8! I also couldna help myself, just went and got weighed. I am down 9.5lbs. Although I am pleased with that I know I was actually down 11lbs before my binge yesterday, but I know after a few more days I'll have that off again! So am now 14 st 2.5 lbs!! Away to change my ticker! x
Drink plenty of water - put it behind you, and continue on your weight loss journey. Look at it that you stalled the car ... now you've got it started again so continue to your original destination - SLIMVILLE!!!! Good luck.

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