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why oh why cant i do it.

I dont know hunny but Im sure everyone has been where you are at some stage and the successful are the ones that suddenly cant live inside a body they hate and find the right mindset and attitude, the rest of us are inspired by them, want to be like them and are a mixture of losses and gains, highs and lows and do you know what ? none of us are failures... because youre here and it means that although youre not possibly 100% committed... you have taken the first step, maybe people in your life dont believe you can do it, maybe you dont?
You can, and in your heart dont you want to make the changes? sleep well tonight but when you wake in the morning leave a bit of the "old" you behind and embrace a new day and chance to start fresh at living a new healthier life? We are all here for you hun xx
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i found it a stuggle at the beggining-although i had good losses, i think it might be coming back to bite me on the bum this week. i set up a 2 week 100% challange, where all the people who joined pledged to stick to their points allowance for a full 14 days, hopefully it will encourage those who tend to go over to stick to points, especially when you have others in the group who are all doing the same.
ive started to manage my points alot better now-i get 19 a day, and i struggled to stay within them,but ive changed around my diet a bit, and this past week it hasnt really felt like a diet. look at the food diary section, it will give you ideas, and when you look at what people ahve eaten its a suprise to see how little poins it all added up to.
dont beat yourself up about it hun, we've all been there, just dust yourself off and try again (thats from some cheesy song isnt it...lol) just try and remember why you started WW and what goal you want to achieve :D
I yoyoed for 22 years and am scared ill continue,its just the right head space if we dont have that then its not going to work.
The most ive ever lost in 22 years in one go is 4 stone in 1998 other than that its been 2 stones on and off to I got to 17st 4lbs,this time I am going to get to goal and maintain because I have wasted my life trying to figure out why I yoyo.
I realise now I cant have days off plan if I do I struggle,I did 6 months 100% then went away and had 4 days off and Ive spent the last week struggling to stay on it ,I have but its been really hard.
I think you need to find why you 'need' food
It could be
Emotional eating
Binge to comfort
Comfort eating
Social eating
The list is endless,mines boredum and comfort and we have to find ways to cope with it without using food.If its social,meals out at friends etc ,work ...then try working the plan around this?

You can do it just get Christmas in mind 15 weeks,thats my goal atm xx
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Oh I've been there. I tend to have a good talk to myself. :crazy: Sounds batty but it works. It's best done when no one is around so they don't think you've gone mad. I look at myself in the mirror and remind myself out loud why I am doing this. It's a bit like Ugly Betty and her "You are an attractive, intelligent, confident business woman" I have to remind myself that I am worth the effort and sometimes give myself a good loud telling off if I have been sabotaging my own efforts.We all have days when we find it harder than others, I have my TOTM due and I want to eat everything I see, especially since the MIL keeps cooking lovely food that contains all the naughty things I shouldn't be eating it's hard to keep the willpower going.
Try to find out what your triggers are and see if you can avoid them eg if it's boredom, find a hobby that keeps you occupied or go for a walk. If it's stress.... kick something or someone lol

You are worth the effort. Put a sign up that says so on the fridge and repeat often. :):):)


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I defo know for me - it's boredom. So from tomorrow I am going to get my walk in in the morning and then in the afternoon I plan on using the cross-trainer and maybe the Wii for 20mins or so. Well - that's the plan....
You can do it - together we all can. :)
Awww hugs hunny - I certainly understand where you're coming from too! Lord knows I've struggled with my weight problem for the last 2 decades but I have learned this much - we treat ourselves like crap over this weight thing! If we spoke to others as disrespectfully as we speak to ourselves, we'd have no friends left! We're so hard on ourselves but we wouldnt dream of speaking to someone else who was in the same position so harshly and hurtfully. I think we bully ourselves when we gain weight and I think its really important to learn to forgive yourself for your weight problem - it happened for a reason and you are SO much more than your weight . Try to be kind to yourself because you're not going to do something positive for someone you don't like are you? When you relax and try to think good thoughts about yourself, you'll find that elusive place and the weight will drop off cos you like yourself enough to want the best. Hope that makes sense!!!! xxxxx
S: 11st1lb C: 10st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 25.1 Loss: 0st9lb(5.81%)
awww wannabee....just noticed your 100% challange! dont panic, stick with it, maybe have a few less points over the next few days? dont give up! we can do it! xx
awww wannabee....just noticed your 100% challange! dont panic, stick with it, maybe have a few less points over the next few days? dont give up! we can do it! xx
Thanks Pinkprincess! Had an awful day yesterday - it was a relief to go to bed!!! I've been a lot better today though thanks - definitely back on track. Its just so important to put these weak moments behind us isnt it - but its easier said than done. Hope I go to bed tonight with that nice warm feeling of having achieved a 100% day! Here's hoping eh? xxxxx ps hope you're still doing well and you're sticking at it too xxxx
S: 11st1lb C: 10st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 25.1 Loss: 0st9lb(5.81%)
thanks i am-had a bit of a guilt moment when i had 4 toblerone biccies earlier (from the WW recipe section) but i pointed them, and have re-arranged some thing to make sure i dont go over! well done for stickin at it hun!
ps those bloody days are awful arnt they! xx *hugs*
those bloody days are awful arnt they! xx *hugs*
They certainly are! Its like torturing yourself!!! I certainly feel for Lauren who started this thread cos I can totally understand the place she's coming from and the misery it generates! xxx

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