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Why oh why can't I get my head in the game??


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Hi all,
Just wanted to say what an inspiration you all are. I love reading all of the highs and lows on here. I have decided to stop lurking and join in in a bid to finally losing my horrible 5 stone of excess weight.

Here is my problem....each day I aim to start a fresh, the fridge is filled with sw friendly options yet each day by mid afternoon I think 'this is too hard, it is too much to lose' and so I go and have a bar of chocolate to make myself feel better and then lose the plot for the rest of the day....now it is a bit of a habit.

I am feeling really tired and miserable at the moment as I have so much weight to lose and it just feels like it is never going to happen. I need to take control of this negative thinking and keep my head on track....anyone else have this same problem? Any tips?

I've lost and gained the same 9 pounds in the last 4 months (since my daughter was born) about 3 times! It's so depressing but totally my fault....feel like a real failure.

Thanks for listening!
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I am exactly the same!!
My son turned round to me this morning & told me.he wants to b fat like mummy :( so I'm really guna try now!!
I've put 2 stone on since xmas through comfort eating.
I'm guna try do it on my own though as I can't afford the classes:(
Good luck to you hun xx


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Hiya Nataby!

I was in a similar situation to you, I would start a new day and by lunchtime it was all downhill from there!!

I rejoined SW 2 weeks ago and lost 3lb last week. I find the support on here amazing and I just take it one day at a time!

Have you joined a sw group? Its a great way of getting motivation and the thought of someone weighing me each week has kept me on track so far!

Maybe right down a list of the reasons why you want to lose weight and pop it on the fridge so everytime you're tempted you see the list.

Im a similar weight to you so if you want to vent or talk anytime PM me, we can help each other along.



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S: 18st3lb C: 17st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 36.6 Loss: 0st11lb(4.31%)
Thanks for the replies...I love this forum! It is lovely that there is so much support out there. It is nice to know that I am not the only one with this problem.

I do the online version of SW as we live abroad.......living abroad should be my main motivation as so much of what we do is centered around swimming pools and beaches and I hate it!! Went to a pool party for a friend of my 2 year old the other day and spent all morning in tears as I knew all the other slim mums would be swimming and in their bikinis and I used the 'I have to look after the baby' excuse and sent my husband in instead...........that in itself should be motivation. It struck me that I have never taken my girls swimming, my husband goes instead, that is really sad.

Am writing a motivation list now!!


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I've found that keeping a diary on here has really helped me. You make friends and they are really supportive. Also it makes me think more about what I'm eating when I know that other people are reading my diary.

If you do eat something you shouldn't don't give up. Get straight back on plan. Come and join us :)
Hi Nataby..... I have the same problem with keeping motivated, I have about the same amount to loose as you too..... but I have lost weight on SW before, so I know I can do it when I put my mind to it.

Keeping a diary is a great idea, because when you've lost some of the weight and then have a gain or maintain or whatever, you have something to refer back to for inspiration. I also plan my meals for the week, so I know how many syns I can play with over the week.

Also having photographic proof of your progress is often something that I've found helpful. I hate having my photo taken but I try to chart my progress just for my eyes only (I also have a "fat photo" on my fridge to remind me what I don't want to be).

Good luck and keep going.... making a start is half the battle


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Nataby, you have made the first step and thats the hardest part!
This forum has some amazing people who are both inspiring and motivational. You only have to say the word and they will jump in to help.
I joined SW 3 1/2 years ago, 17 and 1/2 stone and desperate. I worked out that in order to get a healthy bmi I would have to lose 8 stone! I could have walked away right then but I didn't because I knew it was time to change. I lost 7lb in 2 weeks and for the 1st few months it was brilliant, then I started to slip but I had a picture of me the xmas I joined and I would look and remember why I was doing it. I have taken a VERY scenic route but managed to lose 5 stone, gained a little over the past 12 months and am working to get it back off because even 4 stone lighter is an amazing difference to my life. I can wear normal clothes and generally look good (well compared to me before anyway lol) but I still have a way to go.
The thing is, we don't expect miracles overnight and that is scary because we don't know how long it will take us to reach our goals. So my suggestion to you is to take it one step at a time, set yourself smaller goals, say each half stone and if you struggle, aim to stay within that new weight range until you can refocus. No matter how long it takes, the changes you make are the most important.



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I have decided to stop lurking and join in in a bid to finally losing my horrible 5 stone of excess weight.

Here is my problem.... it is too much to lose' bar
Any tips?

....feel like a real failure.

Please don't feel like a failure!! I'm wondering if you're just putting too much pressure on yourself!! I TOTALLY know where you're coming from seeing it as a big mountain to climb and feeling like you have so much to lose (see my stats!) When I started I felt very frustrated and basically desperate to lose the weight, and as quickly as possible!! The weight didn't come off as quickly as I'd hoped and I often compared myself to the people in my SW class and here on MM, feeling like a failure and feeling like it was going to take forever...but hanging in there because I was DETERMINED to do it and prove to myself and others that I could! Anyway, sometime down the line I realised that I was infact reaching my mini-targets/1/2 stone awards and the little weight losses were all starting to mount up! I also noticed that many people around me, people who I'd been comparing myself to, were falling off the wagon because they were setting such high standards/goals for themselves which were basically unrealistic long-term! Once the honeymoon period/novelty worn off they felt like failures that they were unable to resist the treats they were able to resist in the early stages! And I was still here, chipping away, and enjoying having a life and plenty of treats! 20 months down the line I'm nearly at target (having lost a similar amount of weight that you want to lose!) The time has gone so quickly and I almost feel like a fraud having lost this weight because I really have enjoyed treats, have had holidays/Christmases where I've gained 5-7lb (on a good few occasions infact- my weekly weight-loss log is a bit of a rollercoaster- better than most thrillers lol) I could easily have lost the plot at times like that and given up but I thought what's the point in undoing all the hard work?!!!

So the moral of my story is be gentle with yourself, don't strive to lose loads of weight in a short space of time or set unrealistic goals in desperation to lose 5 stone!! Take it in very small steps/mini targets! You'll shock yourself at your ability to meet them if you take the slowly slowly approach!! My advice (talking purely from personal experience) is to try and aim to do it over about 2 years! That way you'll learn new habits permanently and your brain and body will have time to adapt!! Most of all, enjoy the journey and all the positives and benefits that losing weight brings!! There are so many and it feels fantastic to be slim (well I'm not there yet but very nearly!!) I feel so free now!

Believe me, if I can do it (Mrs Fad/OCD personality of the year!) anyone can!!X
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Never gets tired of SW!
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Baileygirl you sound like a lady after my own heart!! In my book slow and steady definitely wins the race!!!X

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