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Why, oh why ...


Says it as it is!!!
Exactly!! And kilos looks like you are losing less at a time as well!

rainbow brite

*hates kg*
i agree my pharmasist and doctor always do it in kgs and height in metres iv always gone by good old feet and inches and stones and lbs!


a new way of living!
yeah its so annoying, and i dont know about you lot, but my brain has gone on holiday since i started LT!! must have something to do with having no sugar in my blood :/
yeah - my pharmacy have just got new scales that only do kilos and then their new computer doesn't convert to pounds!!!! Argh!! You'd think they'd have a poster doing the conversions or something...
i once checked my suitcase to go on holiday thought i had changed scales to kilos managed to get down to 20kgs got to airport to find only had 6kgs had put scales to pounds !!


Says it as it is!!!
lol that made me giggle...something i would do!! well, at least you had plenty of room for pressies and duty free to bring back!
should have said 9kg not 6kg not that it makes much difference learned one thing though i did manage for the week so i am a better holiday packer.
Defo more room to bring stuff back! We had to buy another suitcase when we went away!

I do my ticker in kgs coz that's what the pharmacist weighs me in, but, as soon as I get home after WI, I always work it out in stone and pounds.

Also, my target loss in kgs seems a lot less than in pounds! 55.7kg to lose sounds better than 122.54lb!


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