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why oh why


I will succeed!!!
Because that's what we're like!

Do you weigh yourself a lot? I used to but I restrict self to once a week halfway between weigh-ins (to see how it is going). It's a hard habit to break though :-/

Good luck xx


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I know what you mean I have become totally addicted to weighing myself. I don't have a set of scales, (for this reason) so I use my Mums but I find myself going round to her house to weigh myself and I use them every time I go to the loo!! Its really not good and terrible on my moods if I am weighing heavier than I thought! x
I weigh myself about 5 times a day lol there in the kitchen.


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I know someone who gets their hubby to put the scales in the boot of his car and only lets her use then once a week!!!!


I can do this............
i have to say i do this to i cant stop it but this week i am going to break the habit im determined anyone else fancy it?

I stayed the same this week which was a bit annoying but im ok with it MUST try harder this week!!
Ok i will stop. i will get the oh half to put them up high, lol im a short arse....so there are lots of places he can put them.


Slow but sure....
I have managed to break the habit now, it took a long time, but if I weighed mid week and the scales said a disaster then I get dis-heartened and started picking and then I'd had it - diet ruined, so I only WI once a week now.


I can do this............
this is what is happening to me! i really need to stop it! The thing is i get on it think oh yeah ive lost a pound i then proceed to put it on in wine that evening! Which brings me on to something else i am going to cut out this week!!
Take them to a neighbours house or a relatives, tell them under no circumstances are you to use them and cry all the way home lol. I know its painfull but it will help in the long run. XX


I can do this............
Right this is it this week i am not going to stand on those scales i promise am going to put them in the oh car so i cant see them anywhere near me!

I know it is gonna be hard especially as i sts this week and i still only need to lose half a pound for my one stone award, but i am determined!
You can do it guys!! I'm gonna give it a go it should be easy as I don't have scales at home anyway but will need to avoid mums bathroom!! I have WI today so shall start from tomorrow xx

Good luck to us all x


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It's simple - don't have scales in the house! I really don't understand why you would want to sabotage your weight loss like this. It's hard enough to lose weight and keep it off without making it ten times more difficult for yourself.

Free yourself from the the weight of a set of scales hanging around your neck!


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Circes are you are just too good to be true. Discard my scales, never, it would be like losing my 4th child. He he he hehe