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Why one should not BINGE (or lapse at all!)


Fighting Demons....
Ok, after last week and it's horrible lapsiness. I have decided in order to prevent my sabotaging myself again I am writing a list of all of the consequences of said lapse!

1. I feel sick. I mean honestly, I think I am going to be physically ill. My stomach hates me right now and is in the midst of an almighty tantrum the likes of which right at this moments seems like a heavy duty spin cycle. It not fun.

2. Increased hunger pangs. Not only am I contantly hungry now, the hunger is starting to feel like an actual pain. You know that feeling when you hadn't eaten in like a whole day and you were so hungry is hurt? Well it's constant, and mixed in with the sickness that I am experiencing from the bad food that I ate (see point 1), oh god it is soooo not pleasant.

3. Gas! Ok, it's not pleasant and it may be too much information. But burping. OMG! It is not in the slightest bit lady like and just disgusting!! Shows how much gas I have in my tummy obviously!! For future reference (ie: in rtm and after), I am soooo staying off the fizzy pop. It is EVIL!

4. Gallstones. I suffer from gall stones and although I do seem to have learned from the last time round that STEAK IS BAD, and I haven't had an attack this time. I am adding it in here because i know that it was starting to grumble before I STOPPED! Gallstone attacks are horrible and are not worth it! If nothing else, I should not go off on a binge because everytime I do, I risk kicking that off. And that's just irresponsible. I could DIE! And it bloody well feels like it to. Worst pain imaginable.

5. Weight Gain! And here is the most important consequence of all. Since September up until the start of December, I had no problems. I stuck to the plan and I lost a lot of weight. Since Chrismas however, I have probably lost a total of half a stone. And I've gained weight 3 times! It feels horrible knowing where I could be know. I could quite easily have lost another stone and a half by now!

I owe it to myself to stop this self destructive pattern. What do I get from it in the end? That few seconds pleasure of eating whatever it was. It just isn't worth all of this pain I'm in now. Emotional and physical!

Oh, last one. . . .

6. Cost! I pay my councellor £66 per week. If I then chose to go off and pig out, I am then spending more money on food only for that initial £66 to go to waste. I can hardly afford to continue that. I have bills to pay and tickets to buy!! And what is more important? Food that will eventually make me feel sick and cause me to gain weight, or festival tickets? No contest!!

If anyone has been having some issues with lapsing and has anymore to add, feel free. I need all the help I can get.

Goal one. Get to Monday without another lapse!

B x
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Someone PM'ed me because they were stuggling with lapses and getting back on track, etc., and they wanted my advise. As it is along the same lines here, I am going to post my reply, though I have edited it to allow the person to remain anonymous and added a few things.

I hope it helps.

The bottom line, and something we all try not to do as we don;t want to sound unsupportive, or insensitive - but sometimes, we just need to be a bit more firm with ourselves, out of love really....so here is what I wrote - I hope it helps.


I'm sorry to hear you have been struggling since xxxxxx. :( It's such a risky thing - incorporating eating with this type of diet. Everyone who has a lapse always thinks they will be able to get right back into it. Unfortunately, that rarely happens without lengthy delays and a lot of struggle....so you are not alone. <hugs>

Right. So - where do you go now? Well - if we get right down to the practicality of it all - you have only 2 choices. Continue to eat, and not get to your goal, on this diet. OR....continue to abstain, faithfully, for a very short time of your life, to acheive what is perhaps something you dream of morning, noon and night: being beautiful, slim and healthy. So you can have the slim and healthy body you've dreamed of, if you choose option two_Or you stay where you are if you keep lapsing. That is a given.

Now, you have done really well. So - you know the diet works. Well done....you have acheived a lot already. While you were doing so well, your chatterbox had been silenced be ketosis. But eating at xxxxxx has woken it up, and it's now fighting to stay awake, and to take control again.

You and I both know who ultimately has the control. You do. Not the voice in your head. That voice is almost ALWAYS wrong. You must know that - it can't be trusted. So you need to practice not listening to it. Every single time. You practice. And it is hard. BLoody hard sometimes. But it will not hurt, and it will not kill us....and bottom line, if we EVER want to get to our goals, or maintain our goals....we HAVE to stop listening to it. HAVE TO!!!!!!! Switch it off. Its only a voice in your head. Wake up tomorrow with the affirmation that you can no longer hear it. You are deaf to it. And repeat that as many times as you need. Eventually it becomes your truth.

You have maybe seen my posts about having long, serious/stern, no BullSh*t conversations with yourself in the mirror? It really does work. Look yourself in the eyes and give yourself the same love and advise that you give any other member that is struggling. BUT - don't take ANY BS from the girl in the mirror. Part of the way this diet works, is we MUST let go of excuses. There is ALWAYS an excuse. And they are always ridiculous really. We know in our hearts there is no reason, no circumstance, or anything that this diet cannot be followed under. We make excuses, creting inconvenience, but its possible to do anywhere anytime. We need to stop blaming our bad choices in eating on stress, on a fight with OH, a bad day at work, etc., when at the end of the day - it is our OWN hand that puts the food in our mouths. There is a moment - where we have a choice. If you make a bad choice once, try and remember the next time that you recognised it was a bad choice, perhaps a habit, and make a conscious effort to make another choice. And remember - there is a learning curve> If you don;t get it right the first time - work on improving for the next time.

This is a big, lifestyle change you are making. You are relearning FOOD and how to manage it in a healthy way. It is not going to come overnight. But you must really dig deep down within, and pull all your strength and desire from deep within, and use that to fuel your persaverence. Persaverence is essential....you just need to get through one day - and then do it again the next, and so on. Don't look at the end - look at now, the success you have TODAY, and then the success you will have TOMORROW, and before you know it, days turn to weeks, to months and then you are done.

You an do this . It was just xxxxxx, and a xxxxxxxx, and it was just food. It was an interuption in the diet, planned or otherwise does not matter, but you still have work to do. SO put it all aside, and get back to the task at hand. Block it all out - it will be there when you are through, if you still want it. Chances are - you will not. ;)

Come on xxxxxx - you want this? You can have it. If YOU let yourself.

So - tomorrow - just one day.....just get through one day to prove to yourself you can.

You are nearly halfway there - to that slim you that is waiting inside. Pretty soon - you will see her, really see her - and she will be at the other end offering her hand to help pull you through to the end.

I hope nothing I said sounded harsh - or hardline - I mean it kindly - but sometimes this diet requires us to be a bit hardline - to really have a thick impenetrable skin - so we can get on with it and get through it.

Just remember - you only need to do it once, if you do it right. It's not too late to leave this little wobble behind, and then press on to your goal.


So, at the end of the day - there is only one person in the world, alive on this planet that can make or break this diet.

We all know who that is.

Lapsing is just not worth it. ANd the number of times we see a "planned lapse" with the intent to "get right back on it".....how many times are people successful in "getting right back on it"??? That is the slipperiest slope of them all.

I hope in some way this helps any who might be struggling.

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Hey Bekimo - I completely understand and agree with what BL says ;)
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what an inspiring post BL
( i tried to rep you, but it told me i had to give it someone else before you!)

becki your reasons sound really good - and are enough to put me off even thinking about lapsing!

as you say - festival tickets are MUCH more important than food!
which one/s are you doing this year?
daisy x


Likes to lurk
Lapsing is just not worth it. ANd the number of times we see a "planned lapse" with the intent to "get right back on it".....how many times are people successful in "getting right back on it"??? That is the slipperiest slope of them all.
I really agree with this. I also think there's no such thing as an 'adult decision to eat' If you're commiting to abstinance, the adult decision is to abstain. It CAN be done. Unless it's medical grounds or something of course.... :)


Fighting Demons....
as you say - festival tickets are MUCH more important than food!
which one/s are you doing this year?
daisy x
Oh, I have a task and a half on my hands! I am goin to Download in June, and V in August. Then there is a new festival in Knebworth July/August time Metallica should be playing and so I HAVE to get tickets for that! And depending on the line up might go to Leeds for a day.

It's gonna be a good summer!

B x
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which V? Im going to staffs
(and glasto) would do leeds but its taking the p to get babysitters another weekend so close to V


Do a little dance!
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S: 12st6lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st12lb(14.94%)
will have to meet up in the bacardi bar for a mojito!


Guess who's back...?
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Well, we all know how my ongoing lapses ended up, so not going to offer you any empty advice. I urge anyone not to lapse in the first place, and if you do - well, I'd like to know what magic you cast to get back onto it - it's DAMN hard. Anyway - Beks - I'm thinking of you and am convinced you can do it. You are so vivacious, bubbly and strong minded - you can regain control... it's just food - not worth all the heartache, sickiness and gas! Being slim and buying smaller sized clothes is SO much more fun.

Stick with it honey - and I am always around (on bookface mainly) if you want a rant during the day, or need talking down off the ledge, hehe.

A xxx