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why the hell cant i stick to this??


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i was doing sooo well the first 4 or 5 weeks now these past couple of weeks, i am having days where i go back to eating how i use to, i dont know why this is happening ? i know it makes me feel ill cause i get sooo stuffed on crap. like tonight i went to a friends and i hate loads of rubbish, pizza, battered chicken, chocolate cookies, and there was just no need as i had already had my dinner and i wasnt hungry, now i feel ill, i dont get why i do this to myself. does anyone have an advice at all on how i could try and combat?
Sarah xxxxx:eek:
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Lady Marmalade

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Have you tried keeping a food diary and recording not only what you eat but also how you are feeling when you eat it, or what else is going on in your life? Over time it may help you identify what it is that triggers binging or overeating, like it could be stress or boredom or sadness... When you know what your triggers are you can start to recognise them and find other ways of dealing with them instead of food. I have read that this is supposed to be effective but I am rubbish at putting it into practice myself so I feel like a bit of a hypocrite saying this...
Lady M has some really good points, make a food/emotion diary. I know when I overeat it's due to boredom or stress. There are always deeper reasons behind overeating, IMO.
Because you're getting bored of it. You're not viewing food as something you eat to fuel your body, you're still viewing it as something you eat for pleasure.

By changing your lifestyle, you see yourself as "depriving" yourself of the things that you enjoy, and you resent "missing out" on them. So after a few weeks you go "Sod this, I deserve the things I like" and return to the bad old ways.

Alas you really need to stop attributing pleasure to food and start seeing it as the petrol your engine needs to run on. Only when you do that will you truly gain a change of lifestyle and full control over what you choose to eat.


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thanks the food/emotion diary sounds good, i will try that, crazybrit i do see your point but at the same time the friends i was with last night are skinny and they saw the food we ate as pleasure, and thats what i dont get? how can they eat for pleasure and stay slim? lol i dont know it confuses me. i think any type of emotion triggers me though, bored, angry, upset, scared, its something i really need to get a hold of and tackle.
hiya assj, i'm struggling like yourself but found the first few weeks incredibly easy. my mistake was not visiting this website! when I do that I know I have REALLY gone downhill. I'd say just keep logging in on here regularly and hopefully it should help keep you in the right state of mind. And the main thing is that you are getting back on track after such an 'episode'! So don't feel too rubbish about it because you are still making a difference and we are all bound to face difficulties and temptations, but it's all about working through them and staying on the track rather than falling off completely. I hope this does make sense!
crazybrit i do see your point but at the same time the friends i was with last night are skinny and they saw the food we ate as pleasure, and thats what i dont get? how can they eat for pleasure and stay slim?
Ah hah, that's the cheekiness of slim people, the scamps :D

Basically they'll have a higher base metabolic rate than you (because they're fit and healthy, and possibly quite active), they'll have considerably smaller stomachs than you (because they're not stretched after years of overeating), and they don't eat for pleasure - eating can give them pleasure.

It's something of a paradigm shift, I know. But essentially slim people don't eat to gain pleasure from the act of eating. They eat because their body requires food.

If they so happen to gain pleasure from eating as a by-product, that's an added bonus, but they don't set out to eat because eating is better than sex.

It's a really hard thing to get one's head around, especially if you're a comfort eater (and, by god, was I a comfort eater!). But once you start viewing food as a tool rather than as a reward, you'll have complete control over it :)

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