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Why wasnt my first day 100%?


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Today was my first day back on the slimming world waggon and iv already had too many syns.... I cant beleive I cant even stick to it on my first day.

Breakfast was just a Banana as I had nothing in the cupboard suitable.

Dinner was Jacket spud, Salad, fat free cottage chees, and half a tin of tuna.

Tea Chicken stir fry

Healthy extra A will be a milky coffee later.
Healthy extra B was 2 alpen light bars.

Now hears the problem... 17 syns...2 more than I should have.

1 cottage cheese and salad cream, then the OH's friend turned up and we had a few drinkies...now I did stop myself before I had 2 many, which for me was a miracle. Thing is, its only day 1 and I was trying to save as many syns as I could for a leaving dowere going to on saturday...:eek:
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I'm on my first day too and i'm sure 2 little syns is not going to a big problem in in a week... just 1 less 2mo and 1 less wednesday.

i'm sure we will get the hag of it.. :)

Good Luck!!!


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S: 107.73kg C: 107.73kg G: 85.73kg BMI: 40.8 Loss: 0kg(0%)
Cheers Clare. I thought the same myself, bvut was just so dissapointed.

Im sure we will get the hang of it, guess it just takes time xx
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its probably a lot less than you would have had if you were not dieting :) I go over some days under on others work out how many your going to need for your do on sat then plan in advance if u want to cut down. Or just flexi syn it stick to the plan before and after and have a great evening.
This is supposed to be something you can do and still live a normal life and not get hung up and then think sod it and blow it completely :)
I went way off it sat night and got slaughtered - but im back on it now :)
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Instead of feeling down & fed up of what you've done you should be proud of yourself. Even after a few drinks you didn't just dismiss it as 'blowing it' you counted up the syns so you know exactly how many you've had.

Why don't you have your syns on a weekly basis & deduct the 17 you've had from either 105 or 70.;)


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S: 107.73kg C: 107.73kg G: 85.73kg BMI: 40.8 Loss: 0kg(0%)
I wasnt aware I could have my syns on a weekly basis. This sounds just a bit too good to be true for me as that would be ideal.


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Don't worry too much about it. I'm sure we all go over our syn allowance from time to time - i know i have! LOL! I just cut down on them for the next few days and it usually gets me back on track. I try not to beat myself up about it now as i don't see SW as a diet, it's more of a lifestyle change. Just to echo was bouncybikergirl said - something you can do and still have a normal life and not get hung up about it. Good luck x

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